Story of Sathya

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Story of Sathya
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Cricket is a very funny game. Do you agree with me? Yes, you will! Trust me it is the  only game that will make you go crazy. It will make you skip your meals, bunk your classes and prevent you from focusing on your exams and studies. Trust me it all happened with me. It was March 2nd , 2003 – the epic India Vs Pakistan clash and I had my Algebra exam the day after. For me Cricket was  a religion as it is for most Indians. It was an important exam for me. I had to score more marks in Maths in order to hike my overall aggregate marks. I couldn’t afford to take risk. And during those days it was the marks crazy world! The one who scores more gets the best college and the lesser one gets into the average colleges. Just like the cricketer! The one with the highest score becomes the man of the match for that game. That was the greatest dilemma in my life.  By then my life had turned topsy-turvy after not knowing what to do. My mind swinged in both the directions. At one time it got excited after hearing about Sachin’s maestro innings and on the other side it had to recollect all the Trigonometric formulas. I had put it in a difficult situation. As my mom came to know about this, she came up with a rolling pin to smash me. She had taken a week’s holiday for my exam and I was not cooperative at all. Such a crazy cricket loving guy that I was! 
With passing days, the craze for Cricket grew more. With the entry of modern day cricketers, the cricket enthusiast in me thought of supporting and encouraging new talents by watching all the games that they played. Sometimes  it became difficult to manage time for this game amid busy schedules. Trust me during those days the smart phone would come to the rescue. It’s the smart phone that serves a pivotal role in establishing a connection between me and the game that I love the most. At office , I would check the match scores time and again through my mobile phone. These days due to 3G and 4G, the internet connectivity has  grown tremendously. So its obvious that people do vouch for watching  live cricket on their phone. That’s how I remain connected to this sport that I adore. The smart phone is the messiah when it comes to watching cricket while  you are at office. I have enjoyed some precious days watching some brilliant innings played by Yuvraj Singh during the first T20 world cup, MS Dhoni’s majestic 90 in the 2011 World Cup finals and Sachin and Sehways memorable double century. I saw Sehwags 219 on my  friends mobile phone. 

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