Story of Sathya

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It was just another day and everything looked normal and ordinary. I walked outside my house to greet the bright sun smiling and shining at us. My eyes aimlessly wandered around in pursuit of my 5 kids. Life had veered out drastically since I met my beloved. It was love at the first sight! That was the time I had realized that she was my partner, my soul mate! For some reasons, it was awkward to approach her. I followed her everywhere she tread but one thing was sure that I was getting noticed. At times, she used to glare at me and sometimes she would smile at me. But as days passed gradually, I got to know her more – her likes, dislikes, and areas of interests. 

Story of Sathya
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I settled down under a tree as I resigned but there was no signs of these little brats.  They must be playing by the river side with those adorable ducklings, I thought.  I headed for the river where most people came to freshen up. People here treated the Ganges River as a Goddess! Indeed, it was something that was close to all of us. The open sky, green trees amazed me. It was a wonderful day! The winds whistled and whipped me. It was serene and equally joyful! I strolled around the river side but I still couldn’t find them. My eyes came across a tree. It was near the same tree that I mustered enough courage to talk to my beloved.   Reminiscing the pleasant memories, I walked further.  I rested for a while. For a moment, I forgot about my five kids.

They say love is a drug. I once consumed this drug called love unknowingly when I saw her for the first time. The next time, my heart demanded more! How would I tell her that this drug is something that I could only dream of! To taste this, I had to taste love and love was grasping me, hard and tight! Anything that happens for the first time is a pleasant experience, a beautiful memory.  It haunts!  It did haunt me for days and nights! I was losing my heart to this heavenly beauty – for me she was a Queen! She was my drug. I wanted her, wanted her desperately! I spend my days thinking and dreaming about her and at night I dreamed more.  She would dance with me in my dreams and I would call it a perfect dream.  A hopeless romantic, I was!  What! I was losing myself, my heart, and soul, my everything to this lovely soul! I was wasting my time, but it was indeed worth it. Admiring her beauty, appreciating and complimenting it was what I wanted to do. But all that I could do was just watch and admire. To appreciate and compliment, you need to open up and talk to them and that was something I feared the most. What if she said no to me? What if she hurt me through words? Rejection is something that most of us fear. I feared the same. But more than that my heart started beating rapidly when she passed by me. Love was always there! Yes, it was!

It’s amazing how love transformed me upside down – to a person whom I was not! Love was a magic and I wanted to be a magician who wanted to exploit it thoroughly. Through my magic wand, I wanted to capture her and tell her how much she meant to me.  By then, Love haunted me! I had to do something. It was an angel before but after it invaded my heart, it was growing to be a dangerous fiend, a monster!  What’s wrong? I couldn’t focus, couldn’t concentrate! It all happened that day.  I finally decided to acknowledge the monster residing in my heart called Love. This monster caused me enormous troubles by pumping faster whenever she passed by me. I had completely surrendered to her.

That day I saw her! She came by the riverside for some fresh air. As I went close to her, her friends stayed away. Maybe they had perceived that my intentions were harmful and evil. But it wasn’t! Sooner they all vanished. We both were solitary!
“What happened?”  She asked with a straight face.
Many things had happened.  Should I open my mouth and speak about the monster who orders me to spill my love to her. Would that be right?  Over thousand questions started strolling inside my mind and at the same time over thousand butterflies started fluttering inside my stomach.
“I …I …”
“I think I love you and I dream a life full of happiness and togetherness with you!”
I stood there. My heart started pulsating rapidly. She stood firm. There was deafening silence for a moment.

I was waiting for her reply. I was never afraid of falling out of love. If I could fall in love with her then falling out of love was not a question. Only if destiny allowed us to be together, we would be, anyhow! She stood there silent and her silent haunted me more than the monster residing inside my heart. If she said no, then I would have to shoo it. If she said, yes, then I would salute it!
She walked away from me, making me wonder.  She looked behind and smiled at me. My heart almost skipped beating. Yes, she loved me.
We both got married and we had 5 beautiful children.
We had to be together. It was destiny that wanted us together.
“But why do you love me?” She had once asked me during those days.
“Don’t ask me such absurd questions. Never ask me such questions again. Yes, I do love you. Accept the fact and I will keep loving you forever.”
 She would  smile at me and sometimes  expressed her displeasure whenever I avoided her questions.  Love for me was a trivial matter but she entered my life like a storm and captured me in this cage where only pure love resided! And I too enjoyed it!

“Yes, we would live together and we will die together!” she often used to say to me.
“Do not talk about death when you talk about living.” This used to be my immediate reply.
No matter how much this person hurts, the hurt doesn’t pierce our heart deep. This is because soul mates compliment each other.  They always have to be together, no matter what. That is how life is! And that is what almighty wished!  Each species that entered this planet would have a soul mate. And they both would define their life – their small little world full of happiness, joy and sometimes a little bit of sorrow.

I retired, after all, my attempts to find my kids turned futile and so I left back to my house. A big shock awaited me as I went there! A catastrophic event had occurred! Everyone started running helter skelter. A group of men chased us! They had huge beards and thick mustaches. They all were dressed in colorful Kurtas. They had huge swords. They had captured most of us! It then struck me that these guys would have abducted my entire family. Sooner, they captured me as well. They threw us in a van and took to their place. We were caged in a jail. It looked like a lively environment. It looked like a city to me. I found my beloved in a neighboring jail.

I stared at her. Death was dancing in front of our eyes. I was gazing at her. Her silence haunted me for the second time. I was confused with a volley of questions popping in my mind. Tears pooled in my eyes! A young boy with a knife grabbed her throat.  He took her to a corner, slit her throat!  She suffered, she struggled and all that I could do was just watch. The floor was drenched in red. She lay there! As she lay there in a state of stasis, I saw her soul depart.  She said, she loved me and will always do! The guy undressed her and neatly washed her.  

A man standing outside the room said, “ Bhai, ghar pe chicken 65 bana rahe hai,” 
 He chewed tobacco and continued, “Fry karne ke liye chahye. Chop some big pieces.”
And the young boy obediently agreed.

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