Story of Sathya

Life is unpredictable!

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It was a challenging night for me. An omnipresent feeling, a feeling of dissatisfaction constantly haunted me every single night. I bestirred myself with great difficulty after the alarm bloomed violently several times. All my attempts to shut it seemed futile and eventually I had to silence it. I sat on the bed, my legs sprawled. I looked at the wall clock as it struck 7 in the morning.  The crooning birds, eloquent early morning sky, winter reinstated the halcyon days of my life, just that sudden spells of melancholy dissolved the restored happiness at times. I performed my daily morning chores of brushing, showering and breakfast. I sat on the dining table that hosted a platter containing boiled eggs and brown bread.  I carefully consumed it and neatly washed the plate. Tears rolled down copiously on my cheeks as I reminisced the good old days with Anushka.  It was 8 AM. Anushka, the comely, elegant, gorgeous, beloved wife. My dalliance with her was short lived, though we vowed to live together for a lifetime.  Our love was nipped in the bud, actually in its incipient phase. Some say don’t think too much about life.  I just did the opposite of what they said. A plethora of happiness and joy with my beloved is what I demanded from Almighty. Isn’t Joy and Happiness a quintessential element for leading an amazing life? He proved me wrong and snatched my love away from me. She had an intensely mellifluous voice. I would listen to her for hours! I completed my days work and returned back to home. I had nothing to do apart from listening to the subordinates concerns and meetings with the Israeli delegates. It was my task to grill up the team for the upcoming InfoSec audit. It was 7 PM as I started back for home. I started the ignition and moved my car out of the parking area. 

Story of Sathya
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How could I forget that day? The ghosts of past still haunts me. It was a fine day – an important day for Anushka! She was at Guangzhou, China for an economic conclave.  It was tipped to be an assemblage of great economists across the globe. Anushka was to be honored in front of a large gathering! It was indeed a proud moment for both of us. She always made me proud. Few important business meetings made me busy and I couldn’t accompany her for the trip. She desperately wanted me go with her but she also knew of my plight. I was busy at London for an important business meeting while Anushka was at Guangzhou for the conference. An important news shattered me as I browsed through the news channels. I stood there speechless, not knowing what to do and how to react! An Earthquake of magnitude 7.4 on Richter scale gulped Anushka and 1200 others in China. Guangzhou was the epicenter of the earthquake.  Incessant honks got me out of the reverie. I shut my eyes for a brief period of time till the traffic signal light showed Red. Those were the best days of my life. Past days were indeed glorious with Anushka around me. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so that I could time travel back to those days and prevent Anushka from travelling to Guangzhou. It was becoming hard for me to convince myself that Anushka had now become God’s favourite. But sadly I had to accept the reality. They say live in present and embrace what life gives but my life was inclined to my past. I embraced my past and Anushka was someone I loved more than anyone. She was my first love! Imagine the intensity of my love for her. I opened my eyes and looked around and observed a taxi in which a young man was voraciously kissing a young girl of his age – his girlfriend, probably! They both were completely charged up and making merry at the Saki Naka Junction. And I was stationed there in the heavy traffic, cursing Almighty!

I jabbed my lips against hers as she came closer to me. Unmindful and   unaware of people watching us, we voraciously kissed each other as if there was no tomorrow. The taxi driver could have found it difficult to concentrate on his driving. The sluggish traffic motivated us further. She dominated me – she ran her fingers inside my tee as the Taxi driver peeped at us from the front mirror.  He surely must have been riding a boner, I thought as I played with her lips. The traffic didn’t show any movement!
“Anushka!” I whispered.
“What babe?”
“Go slow!” I replied quickly.
 My eyes aimlessly strolled around as she went low. I ruffled her hair as she went deep further.                                                                                

Over dozen pair of eyes were glued on us as we made merry inside the Taxi.  The Saki Naka Traffic still didn’t show any sign of movement. “I love you, babe!” I said.
“Me too!” she got up for once and said, looking straight into my eyes.
“Promise me you won’t leave me,” she said, smiling at me.
I ruffled her hair, slowly moving my fingers across her nape and said, “You don’t have to have that sort of question in your mind when you already  know my answer.”

She smiled at me.

Story of Sathya
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“I love you and I will never leave you!” I said and planted a kiss on her cheeks.
Life is a bitch. It fucks us so severely that we are left confused at times and at the crossroads of life , you are left wondering what future has in stores for us.  She rested her head on my shoulder as we waited for the travel signal to turn green. I looked around and saw a gentleman in a red Audi A6. He was emotionally taken back. He closed his eyes and tears streamed down his cheeks.  We both looked at him and confirmed that life was indeed a bitch! It fucks all, leaves no one, and rips everyone apart!
“Will you talk to Papa about our relationship?” Anushka asked.
“I want to. I seriously want to tell him how much I adore you.”
“My love for you is genuine and seriously I can’t think of a life without you after being in this relationship for 5 years. “ I added.
“Yes, I mean each and every word of it.”
“Yes, I endorse your thoughts and we will get married,” she said, “and we will have two beautiful kids.”
“And both of them will look pretty like you, Anushka,” I said and smiled at her.
“Shh! One will be like Papa and one will be like Momma!” she added.
She cleared her throat and said, “Both our kids would be a deadly combination of beauty and brains.”

I could see a glimpse of innocence on her face. I was still not sure if her family would embrace me. I had umpteen unanswered questions still running in my mind. For my heart was fragile to accept defeat.  And I never wanted to fall out of love after falling in for my lady love.  If I would wish something at this moment, then I would wish for a life full of togetherness with Anushka. I saw a twinkle on her eyes and I got the strength to face her family and convince them that Anushka would be happy with me.
“I love you, baby!”
The indicator on the Saki Naka Traffic signal eventually turned green. The Traffic Police waved his hands and gestured us to move. He helped in channelizing the traffic. The gentleman in the Audi seemed fine now and he too started his car.

A BEST   bus on the Andheri – Ghatkopar road lost control. All the attempts of the Traffic Police to control the traffic seemed ineffective. The Bus carrying around 40 passengers rammed into few vehicles and crashed them.
“News coming up – A bus collision kills 12 at the Saki Naka junction.” The Times Now news reporter said.
“Bus loses momentum and jams an Audi and a Taxi along with a few pedestrians.” Another news channel said.

Yes, Life is a bitch! Life is uncertain and unpredictable for you never know what happens next.  
Karma! Never think about your past for bygone days won’t come back. Avoid thinking too much about future for you don’t know what future has for you.  Life is like a roller coaster ride, you might be having fun today and when difficult days arrive then you might fall down drastically and flounder like a fish on the floor. So don’t think too much about past and future, live in the present and that’s the best present you could give for yourself. I reiterate – Life is unpredictable. It is a bitch! It fucks all, rips everyone apart!


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