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Light travels at a faster speed. Agree?
One could see Lightening before hearing Thunder. Agree?
Similarly Time flies. It’s just that we can’t see or feel it. We could only realize it. Technological advancements and researches have taken the world upside down. Cinema is moving from 2D to 3D and Mobile technology is moving from 2G to 3G and 4G. Initially, Internet was considered to be a boon as you could get almost everything at one click. Mobile phones are used as a medium to connect to people. So ever thought how it would be like when both Internet and Mobile are coupled. So, it would be fun. Offcourse!
When I was a kid,I used to admire people who carried the basic version of Nokia phone. I used to envy them at least they had something through which you could connect to people around you through  voice calls .And then came the era of multimedia phones followed by smart phones which made life easier and smooth. So how does it feels having a smart phone with lots of features and application on it?. Top of the world; is it?  I had wangled my parents to get me a smart phone after I got a campus job. After subsequent No-No, they finally agreed to buy me one phone with great features. Now, I have a smart phone too. You stay connected to people around you. You can connect to your friends who live at the other corner of the world. You can download instant videos and watch live matches and movies on You can access at any time and could even check email on your phone itself.Technology has made life sophisticated. Agree?
Story of Sathya
Looking at the brighter side of what it gave us, I could certainly say that Technology has made life sophisticated but also it has some pros. I  wait for the 11th of every month.Its the day when my Vodafone Mobile Internet gets over and I get my phone recharged with 1 GB plan every month on this very day. So from 11th of one month to the following 11th, life is uber cool. And the most amazing part is that you only need to shell out less money. You get to reply to office mails on your phone. You can access and attend Client status calls sitting at your home. You can use Skype from your Mobile. When I mull over the past few years of my life, I really can’t believe how my life has veered out. Thanks to Smart Phones and Internet. From a basic Nokia mobile to Smart phone. There was a period where you only used phone to talk to people and closed friends. Now world is changing. Thanks to the Internet. Life has never been so easy. Talking about the Fun factor, I would like to admit that I am an Internet addict, a more kind of a techsavy person. Not everyone in my friend circle knows that I am a blogger. Very few closed network of friends know about my writing skills. Once I picked a fight with one of my friend. Ever since, he used to taunt me and threaten me. I wasn’t squeamish about that incident. He broke my nose by delivering a powerful punch on my face. I was terribly vexed and angered by his action. Seeing his shape and size, I was sure that it would be difficult to tackle him. I wrote a blog post on him. It was one of the most popular articles which I’d written till date. I named it as ‘Keyboard is mightier than a punch’. The irony was that I had written that post by typing on my mobile. I agree that it really took time but once I published it through my mobile, it was sheer bliss. That incident revealed my writing skills to my unknown network of friends.
Face book is turning out to be one big thing of the 21st century. With increasing number of users, it is said that the owner of would be the richest man on Earth in upcoming few years. A very dear friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl last month. The very next week I received a friend request from that baby. Such things stupefies me.Facebook for a week old baby?. I sleep at 12 am every Night and wake up at 7 am. I religiously follow this cycle everynight.The first thing  to do after I wake up is to check for the chat messages on my mobile and ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on my Facebook status’es.Funny? . I bet many of you must be doing that too. We used to chat from our mobiles during our lectures when we were at College.SMS packs don’t amuse me.
“Look at the chick on first row” my friend used to text me sitting from the last bench.
“Yes, she is my neighbour. Looks pretty na…: P: P ” I used to reply him.
“:D 😀 😛 Not pretty but too  hot,” he used to reply.
Such meaningless chats would go on and on during our lectures. They only made our boring lectures interesting. Some of them would watch movies on their mobile and some would play online games. It was December 8, 2011. The day when Virendra Sehwag created history by becoming the highest individual run scorer in One Day Cricket. We have this thing called Quota time at office where we could access Internet at office for 60 min.Once the 60 min time is over, that page doesn’t opens up. CricInfo, CricBuzz and were few of those sites which would remain functional during those times. It happened that my Boss was watching the scores on and his Quota time got over. Luckily, I had my Internet pack activated on my Vodafone Mobile. I logged onto and we all saw live cricket match. Everyone seemed happy because of me. At times I have come across people who aimlessly use and fidget with their mobile phones. Internet is infused in the blood of GenX.I have downloaded songs to my mobile phone with the help of Mobile Internet. Life has been bliss after that.

You know it is fun when you get to read details about your favourite writer or actor or movie or novel on from your mobile itself. It is full of bliss. How often do we plan to relive our old childhood days.Remember uncle Skrewch and Mowgli of Jungle book.How many of you remember Tinky Winky,Lala,Dipsy and Po of the the Teletubbies which once used to be telecasted on Television in the 90s era. It is indeed fun to watch them on Mobile through internet. Many  people like singing and offcourse humming to the tunes are quite different. I like singing songs and how fun it would be to read the lyrics ,listen the song and sing all at the same time. Everything is possible these days with internet. And it makes it more easier if you have internet on your mobile phone.

The amount of pleasure you derive by playing a prank on a T.T.E of Indian Railway is beyond boundaries. You don’t have to carry a hard copy of your railway ticket. Pretend as if you are travelling ticketless. If he plans to throw you out, then flash him your E-Ticket. That would be the best prank. I have done it twice and it was successful. Through Internet I have met many people in my life. Talking to your loved ones is something which makes me smile. Late night chats on Facebook chat delights you. But parents won’t let you use your laptop and PC at night citing reasons like School, Colleges etc. In such a case, I have talked to people through chat messengers installed in Mobile. Mobile phone coupled with Internet. What a Combination!
So you could do any and every damn thing with the help of internet and that too on your mobile phone.Simple, isn’t it?
1. You can access Facebook, Orkut, Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, YahooMessenger, Gtalk, and hopeless IRCTC.CO.IN.
2. You can read blogs, write blogs and write comments on your favourite bloggers site through your mobile net.
3. Pay your telephone, landline, mobile, internet, electricity and all sorts of bills.
4. Play games on online sites and explore it.
5. Share and Upload videos. Even download videos.
6. Recharge your mobile phones.
7. Check Exam results and PNR status of flight and Train using different applications.
8. Connect with friends and family with the help of various chat messengers like Nimbuzz, Ebuddy etc.
9. You could video conference with your closed ones so that you can never miss them and many more things.
I’ve been doing all these things on my mobile phone and have been using Mobile internet at its best. Everyone in today’s generation are techsavy and are very fond of Internet. They aim to bring down the boredom and entertain your life. Imagine you carry the world in your pocket with the help of Mobile Internet. The theme of life is to enjoy and have fun. Fun is a 3 letter word which aims in establishing something interesting in you which would eventually make your life easier for ‘some’ period of time. This ‘SOME’ period depends on you. It can be transient, long or lifelong. The essence of life is to educe the sorrows from your life .You need to extract the sadness from your life and infuse happiness into you life. I remind you that this life is very short. To make it more interesting there are various things. There are many things in life to worry about and we don’t need to fret about things that really shouldn’t bother us. Remember that live life to express and not to depress. Suppress the sadness from your life and imbue joy into your life. Vodafone Internet and others are just a way to do it. They serve as a messenger for your happiness. Voda rocks! Serve happiness and Serve yourself. Because a happy you is what the world desires. Enough Said!

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