Story of Sathya

How would life be if Men were from Venus?

How would life be if Men were from Venus?
men were from Venus

Different psychologists worldwide have tried hard to reveal the key to human behavior. What particular ‘entity’ makes people react to different situations differently? A rational mind would see things differently when they are confronted with some unavoidable circumstances or conditions. Hence, I call human behavior to be an enigma. I rate it as one of the biggest mysteries; scientists have been researching hard to uncover this. Due to recent improvements and advancements in technology and different modern techniques, many behavioral scientists have been trying hard to discover the truth behind human behavior. For example, what makes women and men react to different situations differently?

Strangely we cannot blame the gray cells.Not everyone has the same intelligence quotient. I am talking about real-time scenarios. How difficult is it to understand women? The greatest mystery in this universe is how to understand women. It is not a hypothetical question. It does make sense. I have been personally touched by this topic. A group of Behavioural scientists in Madrid conducted experiments and studied the behavior pattern of certain groups of men and women.

They simulated an environment where men could experience what is likely to be a woman by stepping into a virtual body in their experiments. It really took them one step closer, and they did specific research. It got the men to understand or feel the woman as per their current mindset, producing different emotions related to the subject. I found this experiment quite amusing, and I believe that one should try to step into their shoes to understand women. Have we ever wondered why there are differences in arguments between men and women? Why are those conflicts? What is that which makes them argue for pretty issues?

Obviously, there is a lag or a gap, and understanding alone helps bridge the gap. I admit that women are beautiful daughters of the great Almighty, and we as a human should learn to respect them. However, there are certain times when we just give up and go mad behind those innocent souls. We need to decrypt the mystery. Why? Why is the question which bothers me? There are indifference because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Can’t we really change this? Arguments are part and parcel of life. The greatest mystery is why women behave the way they do.

Ever thought of that. If not, I request you to think about it. I would want to see things from a woman’s point of view. I want to perceive things from her side. By doing this, I would gain insight into female behavior when subjected to different circumstances. I would love to know what’s running on her mind. Whenever there is a tiff between a man and a woman, we just succumb to the situation leaving no mercy on her. That’s why she is labeled as the weaker sex.

We have made her weak just because we can sometimes accept her behavior. We could mark it as we can’t understand her well. If I stepped into her shoes, I could very well know what made her behave like that or say that particular thing. This could help in issue resolution. We know her as a cribber, whimper, whiner, or cry baby. But do we really know what makes her cry? She is unable to react to men because men are stern. He can never accept failure.

Because he was made like that. That’s why it is said that men never cry. It is the feeble sex that always has to be the sufferer. Some say they over-exhibit their emotions at the time. Ever been in a relationship? If yes, then you would get to know a woman closer. Especially why she is demanding and possessive. She considers her man to be her everything, and he is the one she can rely on. It’s this man who supports her during her lifetime. Mutual understanding is essential for a happy relationship. So when confronted with a situation, a woman behaves in her own way.

This way may be positive or negative. The positive one gladdens us, and the negative one hurts us. So to know her better, I should be her. By being her, I would know her better. I would understand her better and what she wants in her true sense. So if I were her, I would know her every action, and I could also reason her reaction. As men, we don’t really understand what women go through.

There are many things that men can never be. Only women are the ones who know those things. Consider a mother. It is a feeling apart. A mother knows you 9 months more than anyone in this world. A man can never feel what it means to be a mother. Have you ever wondered what makes women cry and why they cry?

Story of Sathya

A woman weaves in lots of beautiful dreams during her childhood days. She imagines herself as a Princess and thinks about her Prince charming, who will provide her with the love of her life. She gets mature and soon starts understanding things. She understands the accurate ”way of life”. She realizes that she has to make many compromises in life in the form of responsibilities, relations, and love. The worst thing is that she is labeled weak and easy because of those sacrifices and compromises.

She does it because she can’t afford to lose the special people in her life, and she has to live up to their expectations as a daughter, wife, and mother.Never take her for granted because she loves you for who you are, sacrifices her life for her children, and still loves you. She adds beautiful colors to a man’s life, but men don’t seem to understand her. She suppresses her feelings and sorrows only for our happiness. She prefers to be silent only because men can’t understand her.

We laugh over when it comes to understanding women. First, try to know that if women can understand men so well, why can’t men at least try to understand them? Why should they always expect a woman to do that? To understand all these, we need to step into her shoes. And that is what I would love to do. At this point, I want to change the attitude toward women. They are considered weak, but I want to prove you all wrong that she is weak. She is the strongest creature on Earth. God gave her the seeds of wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to understand men. This would connect the disconnect between men and women in terms of understanding and bridge the barrier between them.

The only option available is to understand each other, empathize, and step into her shoes. This would make me stronger in understanding them. In this process, my relationship with a woman would strengthen if I understood her well. Most relationships today do not survive because expectations are constantly mismatched. We cannot live up to each other’s expectations. If our frequencies do not match, there will be many problems in life in the form of tensions and breakups. So it is necessary to understand her. I want to change women’s perception and the myth that she is weak, for I believe that women are strong. I wish men were from Venus.

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