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A tale of Love and Lies – 2 – The second meet

Read part 1 here. A tale of Love and Lies is a work of fiction.

a tale of love and lies

The second meet

One day, I was dawdling at the Infinity mall in Andheri. I was standing on the escalator randomly looking around when my eyes found Enayat again. She was amicably talking to a friend outside Westside. I swiftly went towards her.

“Hey, Enayat!” I greeted her and said, “Hello there.” I smiled at her friend. Her friend acknowledged me with a smile.

“Hi! Virat, right?” said Enayat, trying to recognize me.
”Soumya, remember that day I told about a guy who dropped me till college,” she said to her friend. Her friend nodded anxiously.

”It’s him,” she said and introduced me. Her friend gave me a brief smile again and shook hands.
They both drifted back to the conversation they were having earlier, and I became obsolete to them. I was leering at the semi-clad teenage girls who were coming upstairs as they were busy talking to each other. When I shifted my glance, I learned that Enayat was noticing me.

“Guys, would you mind coming for a coffee?” I asked them.
“Sure.” They both said in unison, and we headed for CCD.
We ordered 3 Chocó frappe. Soumya’s curly hair adorned her looks. I smiled at her and said, “I love women with curly hair.” She looked at Enayat, making a straight face.
“Soumya, you look so gorgeous,” I said.
I took a sip of the Chocó frappe and asked, “Would you mind sharing the secret ingredient behind your beauty?”

“I don’t have any secret ingredients, Virat,” she said and blushed.
“Still, I feel God is indeed partial towards some women.” I winked.
“Don’t you think so, Enayat?” I turned towards Enayat, who was fidgeting with the straw.
Enayat glared at me. “Soumya, it’s late. We need to leave,” she said.
”So, any of you need a drop?” I asked.
“No, thanks,” Enayat and Soumya said in the same breath.
“Gorgeous girls like you should often give my bike a reason to smile,” I said and chuckled. Soumya laughed and said, “You are seriously crazy!”
That summed our second meet.

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