Story of Sathya

And I sniffed!

Note – This post is a product review post written for Ambipur Air effects and

 Researchers and Scientists across the globe have all the time in the world to perform their researches in order to accomplish new theories which could change human lives or may be find in depth details about certain things. As per one such theory , scientists believe that humans could smell 10 different kinds of smells. The Olfactory lobes of the human brain is skillful enough to differentiate different kinds of smells. The neuron receptors  could probably be playing a good role. So from popcorn’s to mints to fruits to dirts to flowers to dusts to  sweets to different kinds of aromas! Our talented brain could perform so many functions just like some  ambidextrous folks!

But why are we even talking and discussing about smells? Behold! I will unveil the reason for the same. Last few months I had been tied in my Analysis work which I had been doing for my project. Some times certain circumstances would demand my presence till late night. Of course  staying late night isn’t my cup of tea but sometimes staying back late was the only feasible option for me. During those days Indiblogger came up with a contest – Smelly Air to Smiley Air!  But due to paucity of time I couldn’t participate in that contest. But I had applied for the Ambipur Air effect product. I received the product in a months time. It was a Lavender Vanilla and Comfort air effects. The courier guy had called me,inquiring me for a landmark. By then I had completely forgotten about this product as I was occupied with too many stuffs during those days. As usual I came home late at around 11 p.m. It wasn’t unusual for me as I was used to it. As we go out we often tend to get prone to unwanted agents inform of germs and different types of pollutants which contribute to other kinds of pollutions. These agents do reach our home along with us. So like a possessive girlfriend, they too would always be with you adding to your frustrations, contributing to mood swings and tiredness. And I would just transport my office frustrations from office to home. Day long  work would make me feel weak and tired.  So as and when I reach home, my first thing would be to go to my bed room and lay on my bed for some time. It was a part of my daily routine. But sometimes too much frustrations at office would irk you and you would lose your cool at home and take it upon your folks. Trust me even I am a victim of mood swings. So that day was different. As I entered my house with a frown , I felt something different in fact I smelt something different . I felt like I had entered a different home altogether. For the first time I sat on the main room as I saw my younger sister offered me a cup of coffee.  I smiled at her. She was surprised as she saw smile on my face after I reached home from work. SURPRISE!

Breathe In – Breathe Out – Breathe In – Breath Out! I was feeling  good . It  was so fresh! The fragrance was inviting and it almost transferred my tiredness into happiness! The fresh air only helped in keeping our home better. I loved the fragrance at the first instance itself!
Story of Sathya
Okay thats me holding the new Ambipur Air effects – Lavender Vanilla & Comfort.!

I should say that the fragrance of the air freshener  had imbued in  a new feeling inside the house. I asked my mother about this and she revealed the new Ambipur Air effects freshener. It was like   a long forgotten story which had knocked my mind once again to rewrite new chapters in this book of life.Sigh! Certain feelings couldn’t be expressed in mere words but this brought good change. I no longer rushed inside my room to recoup all the energy lost in the days work. I would feel rejuvenated and fresh! Since then there has been no foul odour. Ambipur Air effect was there to tackle all kinds of smells that cropped in – whether it be fish, dusts, dirts etc. We religiously used Ambipur Air effects everyday. It was a good experience all together! It eliminated bad odour and freshened the air. So your fan won’t be circulating stale air any more. It will snatch all the smells from your home and make you feel fresh just like it keeps the air around you fresh! and then it there will be smiles all around your home!

Last week  elder sister visited our place for the first time after her marriage. She was amazed and surprised and  kept nagging mother. I informed her that it Ambipur Air Effect  and nothing else. Such was the magic cast upon by Ambipur Air effect on all those who visited our home. Soon I gifted her the same.  Fresh air circulated within the home and the sweet fragrance would virtually transport us to a completely different world – a world full of happiness and nothing else. So why fret about smells when you have Ambipur air effects?  Try it and you too would find it amazing just like me!

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