Story of Sathya

Death, be not proud

This is dedicated to people who’ve lost their loved ones and living a life in their absence.

death, be not proud

Death, be not proud
do you know what you have done?
great and Mighty, you claim to be
but you are nothing but a coward
who breaks the peace and ruins happiness
oh, sadistic soul, how can you be happy
by inflicting pain in others?
you quench your thirst with our tears
no, you’ll never stay thirsty
in this life of ours as we mourn our love
we lost our precious, the light of our life,
that worth more than gold and diamond
you mock at us, as we screech in pain
this void in our heart will never get filled
for years and generations to come
oh Death, you better never be proud
for your achievements is someone’s loss
drowning in the ocean of melancholia
we watch your smug face
do you know what we go through?
what do you gain,
through all our pain?
now, their absence, the void,
kills us more than their memories
memories fade away along with them
everything hurts, everything pains
oh, Death! What have you done to us
will our life be the same again?
where are the laughter, jokes, and all the good times
you replaced them with sorrow and sadness
but say us what have done,
to have earned your animosity and wrath
you may have sunken kingdoms and lives
your might can destroy universes and sink continents,
but why did you chose us?
you’ll have to answer some day,
Oh, Death, you be not proud

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