Story of Sathya

As you sow, so shall you reap!

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I walked along the corridors. My body was draped by a black blanket. I was guarded by 8 armed men with rifles on their hand. The jail warden accompanied me. The citizens of this country were waiting for this day. I slowly walked taking one step at a time.  We entered the room and I saw a judge, panel of doctors and the Police commissioner seated on the chairs. The doctors thoroughly inspected my body for any health issues. My blood pressure measured 125/80 and the pulse rate was 74. I saw the hangman standing near the gibbet. He had a craggy face and sported a thick moustache. The people of my country hated me for what I did to them. The judge asked me for my final wish.
“Ammi se milni hai ( I want to meet my mother)” I said to the judge.
“Tum apni Ammi se mil nai sakte par baat kar sakte ho (You can’t meet your mother but you can talk to her)” The judge said.
“Jee Manzoor hai( yes will do)” I replied.
Ammi lived in a small town near  Muzzafarabad. They connected the phone call to her.
“Ammi, forgive me for what I did…forgive me for I ignored all the warnings that you gave me,” I cried on the phone.

“Ammi jaan, I have sinned and I am sure Almighty would banish me from this planet,” I said. I wiped the tears from my eyes.
She didn’t spoke a word and disconnected the call on my face. All these days I struggled hard to keep my Ammi happy. Today, I am reaping the fruits of sins I sowed years ago. 
Story of Sathya

At the age of 6, I stole cherries  from a street hawker who sold fruits at our neighborhood. The shopkeeper saw me and ruffled my hair. He gave me 2 more cherries as he thought I loved them. Ammi was disappointed with my behaviour. She had warned me that if I repeat that again then she would hit me with sticks. I took her words for granted and stole an apple from another   fruit vendor.

When Ammi came to know this, she hit me so badly that a small gash was created on my legs. That scar reminded me of my mother’s words
At the age of 13, I picked up a fight with Rameez who verbally abused me during the history class at school. I decided to teach him a lesson. I pushed him during the recess and he fell down on the floor and broke his knees. The teacher had warned me that she would report me to the principal and I would be expelled from the school. Two weeks later, Rameez provoked me and slapped me in front of the whole class to avenge what I did to him.  I pushed him again and he collided against a wall. The principal called my mother and my teachers had a lot of complaints for her. My teacher had warned me earlier. If only I had taken her warnings seriously, I would have been a good student. The school management expelled me after that incident. Ammi was hurt so much that she didn’t speak to me for weeks. After that day I never went to school.
On my 17th birthday, I fell in love with a Muslim girl – Salma. She was someone whom I craved to meet in my life. Salma came to live in our neighbourhood. I was a boisterous young teen who roamed different streets every day. The day I met Salma, I fell in love with her. It was love at first sight. We became friends and our friendly bonding got intense and I proposed her one day during Monsoon. My friends had warned me that she was a sensitive girl and belonged to a decent family. I gave a deaf ear to their warnings. We made love during a rainy day. One day she called me and I discovered that she was upset. She was pregnant. I assured her that everything would be fine and I would find a solution to her problem. It seemed she didn’t had faith in me. Few days later I got to know about her death. She had committed suicide. Only I knew the reason behind her death. If only I had listened to my friends, Salma would have been alive and would have been happily married to a handsome Muslim man.
At the age of 20, I was introduced to Wahid bhai – the underworld don who controlled everything at the tip of his fingers. He introduced me to the ugly world of smuggling. I was caught during one such incident where I was supposed to transport Chars and brown sugar to Suleiman Seth. The police officer was a kind man. He warned me that any kind of involvement with Wahid bhai can land me into trouble. I took his words lightly and was caught once again. I was sentenced to jail for 9 months.
At 24, I started extorting money from the local hawkers. I kidnapped a businessman’s daughter for ransom. She was a beautiful 15 years old girl. I asked her doting daddy for 20 lakh rupees. I had ignored all the warnings from my well wishers. I killed her and escaped when her father failed to give me the said amount. No one came to know about this case.  The Police Officials are still investigating the murder.
At the age of 27, I was given a big task. I was Wahid bhai’s favourite. He asked me to wage a war against my own country. I was lured into quick money and was paid 40 Lakh for this job. This sabotage at a crowded railway station could even cost my life. Wahid bhai was the master mind behind the attack and assured me that everything would be fine. I was doing all this for money. We were given rigorous trainings for this. Ammi came to know about my plans. She warned me once again that Almighty Allah won’t forgive me. I ignored her warnings. All that came in front of my eyes was the 40 Lakh rupees. I dressed as a college student and carried rifles with me. We were 5 and I was supposed to open fire at a crowded market in a popular city in India. I did just as my boss had ordered me.

Story of Sathya

The other 4 of my comrades were killed by the military.I was surrounded by the Indian Army. I soon tried to escape. The Army officers chased me. And of a sudden I fell down.  The next morning I found myself at the Princess Victorious Dental College and Hospital.  The doctors correctly diagnosed my tooth problems. They were right. I was suffering from tooth ache and gum problems since last 6 months. Ammi always used to warn me that if you don’t brush your teeth regularly then it will land you into many problems. I had ignored her warnings several times. I could have easily escaped from the Army but the toothache caught me into trouble. I was treated for Gingivitis. Upon my recovery, I was awarded death penalty by the Supreme Court. I was accused for killing and wounding over  20 people and for waging war against India.There was no one to bail me out. No lawyer dared to support me.

“Saza manzur hai( I accept the punishment)” I said to the judge when he asked me about the decision.
At every stage of life, I had ignored warnings that my loved ones had given me. I wish I had paid heed to what my Ammi said. The police officer, my closed friends and my teachers had warned me. 
Even the Holy Quran states that the wage of sin is death. I am not afraid of dying but I regret not having listened to my Ammi’s words. I wish I could hear her voice for the last time. I could feel her tears for no mother on this planet would wish such a miserable death for her son.
I walked towards the gallows. They covered my face with a black cloth. The hangman adjusted the noose of the rope and placed it around my neck. It was 8 am. The Officer gestured the hangman to pull the lever. He pulled the lever and everything was over for once and for all.
“Yaah Allah humhe maaf kar denaa….Ammi ka khayal rakhnaa”

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