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Password – Short Movie Review

Password – is a Malayalam short story written, acted and directed by Tom Thomas who blogs at ‘Vanity Moments’. Password is the story of an individual Albert Samson whose world revolves around social media. This is the story of a man who lives in the virtual web whose life is smitten by Social Media. The script is intriguing and that’s the reason which instigated me to write a review for this short story.
The story starts with Sona, played by Jinu Anna who is a very close friend of Albert Samson – played by Tom, talking about her friend Albert whom she thinks is unique and a rare in this Universe. She is an outgoing person and is anti-socializing especially when it comes to Social Networking through Internet. She tells Albert time and again to see things from the real world point of view. Albert and friends have a group called ‘Sugar Corner’ in which is for like-minded Keralites from different fields. Deepak, Indu, Jithu, Ajmal and Albert are the integral and the founder member of the group. They hangout and meet frequently. During one of those days, a new entrant to Sugar Corner – Rose Bella fascinates Albert. He befriends her and talks to her through Facebook chat messenger. Albert maintained a separate sheet which contained all his social networking, bank and confidential credentials.  I tell you that it is a long list and DO NOT GET INSPIRED BY THIS CAUSE THIS MIGHT LAND YOU INTO TROUBLE 😉 😛
Coming back to the story, Sona enters Albert’s room one day while he was taking bath. She discovers his password list and discretely changes his FB password. Later Albert is astonished and shocked at the same time when he knows that his FB was hacked. This is the part of the movie which I loved the most where his friends from Sugar Corner talk about certain catastrophic events that could take place with all his accounts. Albert is disappointed and upset but a ray of hope arises when Sona admits changing his password and returns back the password sheet. He continues talking to Rose Bella (BAU). His friends from Sugar Corner urge him to meet Rose Bella in person but he refuses. Albert insists that he can’t meet Rose as he prefers virtual world and there is no reality in REAL world. Later on when Rose too asks him the same, Albert mulls over for a while and plans to meet her and this change marks the beginning of a blissful life. The story ends here.
Password is the story of every individual whose life see-saws in the mysterious world of Internet. I am not surprised that Tom has dedicated this movie to his blogger and virtual friends who inspired him through every possible mean. I would like to appreciate Tom for all his investments he has put in for PASSWORD – in terms of money, time, efforts etc. Password is a decent attempt in highlighting the core reality of life which engrips the life of the young lot of our nation. Rammohan’s acting skills has to be appreciated and it was professional. The dialogues are crisp and neat. The subtitles could have been made crisp, considering the fact that this is not an English movie I won’t talk much about it.
Bottom-line – a crisp, innovative, intriguing story of an Individual facing the brunt of virtual reality.
Ratings – I give 3/5 stars for this where 3 – refers to ‘Interesting and could have been better’

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