Story of Sathya

When Mother Nature beckons!

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Story of Sathya
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Years ago, Almighty god had listened to my prayers which I used to murmur every night. He was kind enough to answer my prayers and gifted me with a little sibling – a cute baby sister. I was only 6 years old then and life was beautiful with the arrival of the new family member. God had sent his beautiful angel to live with us. On the first day of the year 1994, Mother gave birth to a beautiful princess. Now, I had an additional responsibility of a brother. I played my role well enough so that baby sister never stopped smiling. I welcomed the arrival of our princess by planting a seed in our garden.
In the month of January, the New Year, a baby was born. With her birth, a seed was sown in our garden. The seed grew day by day like the little baby- stronger and healthier. The baby grew old and the tender sapling began its journey in this garden of life.
In the month of February, she befriended little birds, the sparrows which breezed here and there.
In the month of March, when the sun peeped in, the little girl realized that summer had arrived. She regularly watered the plant.
In the month of April, birds flew, trees, flowers and amid the leaves of the fall, her day breezed away in this beautiful garden.

In the month of May, she realized if human could feel thirsty, birds and animals could too!  She religiously used to feed the birds which knocked our house for water. She would feed them with seeds to eat.
In the month of June, season elapsed and she enjoyed the monsoon and of course the cuckooing koyals.
In the month of July, she witnessed the plant growing into a tree just like her. As days progressed, she befriended nature and everything that was associated with nature.

In the month of August, she strolled out with us. She enjoyed nature and her friendship with nature intensified.
In the month of October, in the bounties of nature, amongst the marvelous creatures, she loved what she was doing and derived happiness by admiring and watching them from our balcony.
In the month of November, her bond with nature witnessed many new things, the birds would return back seeking shelter at our place.
In the month of December, amongst the snowing dews, she made sure her friends whom she befriended in form of birds and animals were happy and safe.

Story of Sathya
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Through the months of the year, our little angel made sure her life was complete with something which she loved to do. And what she loved was Mother Nature. By then parents had realized her interests. Most of her childhood days had been spend at the laps of Mother Nature, at her own backyard. Little sister had a strong affinity towards nature that includes birds, animals, trees and seasons.  She had a special bond with every single entity of Mother Nature. She befriended every single thing which constituted it. At times she inspired us to follow Nature. Her innocent childhood days were spending nurturing birds, feeding animals, watering plants and trees. Now she is associated with an NGO which works for conserving and preserving nature. Even she inspired us to befriend nature and get inspired.  She actively got involved in activities that involved helping animals, birds and planting trees.  We have explored many new places, enjoyed its greeneries and spend some quality time together. This is the story of my younger sister whose growth I witnessed as a baby and as a teen. I have seen every phase of her life till now and her friendship with nature is intense and deep. Even you can get inspired from nature and befriend them when Mother Nature beckons!
Story of Sathya
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