Story of Sathya

Celebrate God !!

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 Celebrate God with your hands,
Celebrate God with your voice,
Celebrate God in all that you do,
And he will be with you.

Listen to Him with your eyes:
Listen to Him with your heart.
Listen to Him as He speaks with you.
And He will be with you.

Story of Sathya

I still remember those  young days where we used to sing this hymn during the Sunday masses and our Sunday classes . Those were the tender age where we never knew the meaning of this song. But as we grew up,we tend to learn many new things. Recently I came across this hymn although due to paucity of time I miss my Sunday masses. God forgive me. But  I was lost into these stanzas when I read those lines with full concentration. I contemplated for few more minutes  and realized what life would be with and without God. Almighty never  betrays us. He is present everywhere. We just need to open our eyes and look for him. Celebrate him  with praise and rejoice with him. Difficulties in life are not new. They may ruin your life and spoil your happiness. But do we really need to give up. Almighty is our father. Mark my words when I speak these words which has some meaning. I generally refrain from preaching words of wisdom. These lines instigated me to write something for my blog as my blog was craving for attention. Call  and Remember him during your worst time. He is one step away from you. Remember him in your prayers and the very next moment he will resolve your issues in life. Agnostics and Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God. But those who  believe in Almighty should praise his name. There is nothing without him. He is the supreme power that binds this whole world into one.You might go through the worst phase of your life and  might await the situation to worsen. Cribbing and Whining will not  vanish your problems. It may give you a transient resolution for some period of time but for a long time relief there has to be something. Celebrate God in all that you do. There might be cases where you may have everything in life. But you don’t have time to celebrate the success,happiness with Almighty. Little do you know that he is the stake holder in your happiness and success as he governs you. Friends, never forget to celebrate such small happy moments with your lord. This Almighty term which I use is independent of religion while talking in this context as I want to generalize all the superior powers irrespective of the religions.

He will always be with you when you do things which he likes. He will never forsake you for sure as you are his creation. He is present everywhere  in many forms. Its just that we need to open our eyes and look forward to meet him.During  our sufferings and transgressions we call him and remember him but we never and we can’t remember him during our happy times. That isn’t fair at all. Everything is possible with him. He is the mentor,guide,instructor and the supreme power.Is it good to remember Jesus Christ only during Easters and Christmas?why do you have to remember Almighty Allah only during Ramzan Eid?. Did Ram said  to you to remember him only during Ram Navami. We celebrate many festivals in our country viz  Diwali ,Holi etc. But why do we have to remember our Gods only during such days. Its on our hand because we  have set certain rules ,rules which doesn’t seems good to me. Remembering God on such special days  is not a rule in any rule book but do make time for him during your times of need. Pray with your whole heart.Celebrate your success with him . Let him rejoice with your every achievement. Share your sorrows with him. He is the best counselor who counsels the entire planet.He is the governor who governs your life. He never betrays you so why do you want to betray him . These are random thoughts and certain people may not appreciate this. But I want to tell you that you can together climb the success ladder and reach the zenith when you celebrate God.

Speak to him. Vent out everything to him. He is always there to listen you and he won’t get irked or he won’t run after listening your problems as he is the divine master of this universe. He rocks the world. Its Celebration time . This Diwali may Almighty bless you with all the riches and provide you with all the happiness in your life. Burst crackers and play safe. So its time to Celebrate m celebrate God with all that you do and he will be with you. πŸ™‚

Story of Sathya

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