Story of Sathya

 Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction.
Continued from Part 1.


‘Levo’  was one of the famous  Denim brands during the 90’s .I was appointed as the brand ambassador of their product and I had once promised to do an ad film for their product. It was during the shoot of the ‘levo’ ad that I met Neela, the model. It was her first shoot and she had to drool over me. I tell you that it was not soothing to do such an ad film with someone who is  not even half of your age. She stood next to me and looked into my eyes. She possessed a  charishma  and magic which differentiated her from the other girls. The haughty nose, heavily furrowed eyebrows and her intensely seductive lips drew me towards her. I was visibily attracted to her. We met for a coffee and since then we started meeting quite frequently.
Story of Sathya
  She claimed to be my diehard fan who never missed any of my movies. We were having a secret relationship which was concealed from the outside world. Even my wife never knew about my secret affair with the model. But she stopped reacting and talking to me after she learned about the womanizer in me. I  admit that I had chanced upon several girls who came knocking to my door for a ticket to Kollywood. It  was during the year  1998  when I gave her the keys of my Mylapore Bungalow. The same Mylapore Bungalow which was spacious, adorned with Florentine Mosaics and Italian marbles. It had 4 huge balconies and since it was confined to the outskirts of the main city it was safe for me too. I gave her all that she wanted. She starting loving me more and more.  Her intense love and admiration gave me the strength to tackle things and harsh realities of life. By now , Rajatha had stopped talking to me. We lived together but our life was no different than a silent movie. I started visiting Neela quite often. The frequency of our meets increased and so did the intensity of her love and possessiveness towards me. My  daughter  Hema by then had turned 16 and Neela was just 2 years older to her.
Story of Sathya
One day , like usual I went to the Mylapore Bungalow where I saw Neela waiting for me inside the bedroom. When I went to the bedroom, refreshed  I saw Neela sleeping lying sideways across the bed with her legs sprawled. I lied next to her to rumple her hair which was mussed up. She woke abruptly as I carressed her hair. I held her fingers with red nail paints. I kissed her on her lips. I undressed her and we made love once again. I felt the sudden gush of blood circulating through her veins and her heart beats. I tell you that the scent of a woman is the most deceiving thing in the universe. It entices you to do bad things.
“I can never tell how much I love you Ravi,” She told me as she looked deep into my eyes. Her eyes,deep and dark only made me want to kiss her more . Her eyes invited me and I kissed her once again. 
“I know you have a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter but I am possessive about you. I can’t let you go from my life,” She said as she closed her eyes.
“You have given me the love of my life and you are my hero. You are my dearest Superstar Ravikant,”She held me tight. 
“I am going to announce the world on your 50th birthday about our relationship. I tell you it would be the special day of my life. I want to give you the ultimate gift of your life,” She said dizzy in her thoughts. I was bewildered as she spoke each word .
“No matter what ..I will tell everyone  about us,”She winked.

“Even you can’t stop me O Superstar,” She decided to blab about our relationship to the entire city.
“Laaaa….aaaveeeee,”  she paused. “you Ravi,” She said and slept. 

We both were lying naked on the bed. Her words rang onto my ears and each and every word told by her  flashed into my mind. “How will the world treat me if she reveals about our relationship on my 50th birthday?”.”People admire me like crazy in this city and what if I let them down?”.”I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter. What will my daughter Hema think of me if she comes to know that I had a slept with a woman just 2 years elder to her?”. There were many unanswered questions which bothered me and the thought of Hema bothered me the most.  I soon went on the take the biggest decision of my life.

-to be continued..

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