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Mombai Magic – India steamed on your plate!

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 Disclaimer – This is my first food post .Would love to know your valuable feedbacks .

India is a land of cultural delight. Here at every 15 Kms, culture changes, so does language and many others. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Rajasthan to Assam and seven beautiful states of North east, what binds most of the Indians together is food.Here in fusion food today we aim to combine that cultural diversity of India and bring forth a dish which is like NEWS. Yup North, East, West and South. A wonderful combination and amalgamation of flavors across all the corners of India

 IBL’s wonderful Foodie contest has put my culinary skills at test. Offcourse what could be better than to try out a fusion dish. So I decided to make something unique. I made Theplas (inspired by Gujarat-West), filled it up with paneer-corn bhurji (A north Indian delicacy), shaped it and fried/steamed it like momos (Dumplings from East) and served it with finger-licking wholesome coconut and Pudhina chutney (a south Indian speciality).

Ah! So there you have a perfect fusion dish: Mombai Magic– India steamed on your plate. It is not just easy to make but also yummyliciously divine. Try it and experience bliss. 

To make this  recipe, we need-
Core Ingredients: Paneer (Cottage cheese ), Sweet Corn (boiled), Methi Leaves, Gram Flour (Chickpea) & Flour
Saute: Garlic & Ginger (chopped), Tomatoes (chopped), Green Chillies, Oil
Spices: Salt (as per taste), Red Chilly powder, Turmeric powder, Ajwain, Garam masala
For coconut chutney: Pudhina & Coriander leaves, Chana dal, green chillies & Salt

Story of Sathya

Folks, I have tried to simplify things by creating images instead of listing down the methods so that you could connect to it easily. You could find the steps mentioned on the image. I have listed it step by step. There are 6  steps in all. In case you do not get it, not to worry, Have also uploaded a full recipe video for your delite [also to suggest that its an innovative, tried & tested recipe but  not a lift from net :)]

Step 1  – Preparation of the Methi(Fenugreek) stuff which we would be using to prepare the Thephla dough

Story of Sathya

Step 2 – Preparing the Thephla dough

Here I have tried to keep things simple.  You need to fill in the stuffs from step 1 on a flat pan containing wheat and gram flour and sieve it. This is fun. Try it .Check Image for more details.

Story of Sathya

Step 3 – Preparing the Corn Paneer Bhurjee

I tell you that this is not an herculean task. You just need to know few basics about cooking. Like oiling the wok, adding ingredients and mix them. Check the image  below for details I have listed. (If you are non vegetarian, you can add an egg yolk to it as well)

Story of Sathya

Step 4 – Preparing Momo’s stuffing with Corn Paneer bhurjee

This could be tricky as the dough’s consistency would be important and so I suggest that you let the dough proof (leave it untouched & allow it to soak n rise for 15-25 minutes). In worst case, the stuffing may come out of cover and it might cause problems for you spoiling the oil while you semi fry them. Check this and you now how you can make this with simplest of skills .

Story of Sathya

Step 5 – Deep Fry the Momo’s created from Step 4 

You need to deep fry the momo’s which you have just created in step no4. Let it stay in the pool of hot oil for some time until it fully gets changed to golden brown and guess what its done. You can taste your dish ;). If you want you can partial fry and steam more. Check the image below for details

Story of Sathya

Step 6  – Steam Boiling the Momo’s 

Okay , if you are not interested to fry the Momo’s then you may not need to worry. I  give you an alternative option. You can probably steam the Momo’s you created from Step 4 . You may use a steamer  pot   for this purpose. Add some water in pot, Now take the moulds, lubricate it with cooking oil and place your momos there.

Story of Sathya
 Healthy cooking as steaming the momo doesn’t require much oil and  this dish uses besan (chickpea) which is rich in fibre, green leafy vegetables like corriander,methi and mint hence healthy and good.

You could serve this dish with Coconut or Pudhina or Coriander Chutney. You just need to grind them in mixer,add salt,chilly as per your requirement and cook it on low  flame and your chutney is ready. If you want, you can serve the same with some Maharashtrian Thecha (red chilly powder chutney- dry) or Madrasi Malagapodi. (easily available in market, look for MTR) So you could taste your Corn Paneer Momo with Coconut/Pudhina/Coriander Chutney.

You can also serve this with beverages like- Tea, kahwa (from kashmir), madras filter coffee, green tea (health conscious ppl), buttermilk or sadde Punjab ki lassi. Suit your tastes mate!

 So, yeah this is all what is required and now that you have seen the method would you like to try it?. I did enjoy cooking this stuff and we decided to name it as “Corn Paneer Momo’s with Coconut Chutney”

So ,we are ready to serve.

Story of Sathya

 Are you ready to eat?

Story of Sathya
  So ,finally convinced to get my neighbor   Dee and her son Sashwat along with my little sis to check out this dish of mine. They did like it. You should definitely try it and let me know how  it is. Happy Cooking, Happy Eating and Happy Blogging!!

Today , I realized that cooking is an art and anyone can cook if I can cook something. Phew!.I am not a cook but IBL inspired me to try this out.I put on my apron and voila cooking is so much fun.

As I have  mentioned earlier, I have tried and put on a video too. You should check out this video which I made for this post. You may find it weird but I have tried my best to incorporate these things into that video. Check it! .Enjoy

I hope this video was useful. Adios. Hasta La Vista!!

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