together we can change the world

Know how together we can change the world to a beautiful place

Disclaimer – The views expressed in this post are the writer’s personal view and this article was written in 2012. SO there is a high possibility that certain things might have changed and some of these points may remain valid even today. Together we can change the world.

Two instances recently that have touched my hard has instigated me to pen this post. I am vagabond, an itinerant wanderer who travels to different places for different purposes. My job assignments make me travel to different places and at each place, I observe something different and peculiar. I had a chance to bump into one of the filthiest places in Mumbai. It was Kurla. 

At first, I was completely disgraced to see the sight of that particular place. Many friends from Mumbai had alarmed me from traveling to Kurla especially during Monsoons. Of course, I should have taken them seriously. A few weeks later I developed Pneumonia like symptoms after traveling to this place frequently. Luckily it was an environmental one and I recovered soon.

together we can change the world

The muddy stagnant water flowing outside the Kurla railways stations and around the vicinity proved fatal for Humans. I looked around for any alternative options to reach the Kurla Railway station. Yikes! I had no options other than taking the only water path. I folded my trouser up to my knee height. I held my socks and Woodland shoes on each of my hands and walked through the dirty waters. For a moment I looked like a flood victim waiting to be rescued by the good samaritans. Luckily after much struggle, I managed to cross the waters.

The sight of a nagging little kid grabbed my attention. She was shabbily dressed in rags. She was holding a 3 days old baby. She couldn’t be more than 4 and she was already nursing a 3-day old baby. She was just another vagrant, homeless kid begging for money. I immediately handed her a 50 Rs note. I witnessed a million-dollar smile on her face. An ensemble of homeless and hopeless kids ganged me. I somehow managed to get rid of them by giving them some money and sweets. I was completely taken aback and shocked to see all this.

Our capital city is turning into a rape capital and according to me, female security is a great matter of concern. There are cases where innocent children are kidnapped and are being engaged in prostitution. Ultimately they die a miserable death giving you a small moment of pleasure for the money you shell on them. I appreciate the different NGOs and their activists who work hard for women’s equality and rights.

What kind of woman is she, who treats her children partially? It is unpleasant to hear the fact that a girl is meant only for the kitchen and the boy is given the right to education. Crimes against women are increasing day by day. Despite this, there are constant improvements in the status of women in urban cities. We see women occupying supreme positions in top-level organizations and the government. It is a matter of pride to know that the first citizen of our country is a woman.

Story of Sathya

There is a ray of hope amid darkness which promises that there is scope for improvement and things would change in the mere future. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop but a perverted mind is a reason for Female Sexual abuse. If we think of progression then such sensitive things need to be addressed.  It is the correct time to change the way female are seen and ill-treated in this nation.

There are many violent crimes happening around the world. Acid attacks, rapes, child abuse, sexual abuse etc and many such names that hurts me and the world. This should stop! Where are we heading too. I am quite sure after 2012, many crimes have been commited against women.

They deserve respect. I envision the future of this nation to be a highly developed country but this is possible only if there is equal treatment of men and women. I dream of a tomorrow where women shall breathe,walk, and talk free at any time of the day without any fear.

“Its time to think Its time to react, Its time to implement, Its time to change. There are many who are struggling, hoping against hopes, chasing their dreams, awaiting a helping hand, to protect and save them, Its time to raise our voices, because there is someone who needs us, who badly  needs our help “

The world needs to be a better place,

Together we can, Together we will make a difference and spread smiles everywhere.

Watch this Ted talk by Dr. Alice Han in 2017.

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