Story of Sathya
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A little sapling tender and small,
began his journey in the garden of life.

Birds,trees,flowers,leaves of the fall,
his days breezed away in the garden of life.

Pattering raindrops,snowing dews,
Kuckooing Koyals in the garden of life.

Bounties of nature,those marvellous creatures,
impacting him intensely in the garden of life.

Starry cold nights,desserted hot days,
seasons elapsed on in the garden of life.

Love flew in like fluttering butterflies,
he met his soulmate in the garden of life.

Interlacing  fingers they strolled through the woods,
celebrating togetherness in the garden of life.

Their bond of love witnessed winters and springs,
darkness and delight in the garden of life.

Then one find day like a tree he began to bend,
new leaves stopped growing in the garden of life.

Withering  dreams,dimming sunshine,
his youth declined in the garden of life.

As he breathed his last,nostalgia enwrapped him,
those innocent childhood days in the garden of life.

A serene smile adorned his lips,
for he has lived his life in the garden of life.

And it ends not here  this divine cycle,
will continue forever in the garden of life.

A new sapling grows somewhere  as he closes his eyes,
destructing,creating,nurturing our existence is nothing but the garden of life.

Everyone has a beautiful garden in their life. It is this garden where they spend and cherish their valuable precious memories.We preserve our wonderful memories in that garden of life.I have had many special memories associated with my childhood.Just as the protagonist in the video, my life has been closely associated with nature. Since childhood I had realized that I was a special child,a gifted child born to do wonders. My focus area shifted drastically and my sole intention in life was this garden of life. Spread joy and vanish melancholy was the theme  of my life just like the little sapling. I remember my mother singing lullaby for baby sister as we walked  through the garden. I recollect those precious childhood moments where I used to sit on my grandfathers lap and count the stars at night.I think of those days where me and my father would go for a long drive and probably go fishing near the most wonderful lake located at our hometown.Any kind of memories are special.The Garden of Life reminds me of the different trees bearing wonderful fruits. Plucking mangoes from the neighbors tree and running away,getting the neighbors beautiful daughter drenched on a sunny day and probably rain dancing with her etc are some of the most cherishable and thrilling memories I had. I still remember the day when I met my first love..Love in form of a huge mango tree which bore sweet and tasty fruits.And yes how could I even forget the first kiss of my life at the tender age of 13.The kiss that mattered the most which sealed my love.The sweet kiss by my  love under the Mango tree.An ensemble of birds witnessed our romantic encounter.Childhood never comes back.It is difficult  to be a child again for gone are those days. I’ve had real  moments in my life with mother nature. I have enjoyed most of my young days sitting on the lap of mother nature.

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Story of Sathya

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