Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya
A Solitary stone is useless as they cannot be used to create fire. We need two stones to create fire. Everyone would wish to fall in love with someone during their lifetime. Trust me it is a special feeling. How great does it feels to be loved, cared and pampered. It is a feeling apart. It makes us to admire our loved ones. An addiction to such an admiration makes us fall for that person. By falling in love we develop a special feeling for our special one. We seem to be biased and get completely inclined to them. Our thought processes distract us. We fail to concentrate on our daily chores and there is some sort of disturbances. We turn insomniac thinking about our loved one and are lost in their dreams. She/he seems to be the sole person in this world who cares for us. There is a mutual feeling between us. To decipher the real meaning of love, one needs to fall in love. Today I am going to list few pointers which indicate true love. These are the 8 signs of true love. Here we go.
1. Calling them by Different names.
We always love to call people by different names. We love to taunt them and play pranks on them. We keep nagging and irritating them by associating them with a funny name. We can’t experiment with names with random people. Many might feel offended. It’s only with our loved ones that we tend to call names. A funny, weird, stupid name often characterizes the amount of love which we have generated for that particular person. It is this special feeling that later on makes us fall for that person. I have a girl-friend of mine who calls me ‘sondu’ just because i sleep a lot. It is awkward at times listening to the same name again and again. It can be strange at times but our loved ones do mean a lot to us. We never call them by their real names.
2. Sharing everything with them.
Man is known by the company he keeps. He forms a community or a group wherever he goes. Its with this community that he thrives and learns many things. That’s the reason why he is known as a social animal because of his ability to mingle with others easily. During our lifetime we come across many people and some of them leave special memories. These can be good or bad. But there is one special person with whom we share all our secrets. We trust them and may be its because of this trust that we dare to spill even our darkest secret with them. This might include some sort of embarrassing episodes too. We open up to them. We identify the right one amongst the lot and share everything. This everything can be details about ones family, education, job related details, hobbies and interests or any secrets.
3. You listen to them for long hours.
Some people often bore you with their constant blabbering and chit chats. No would be ready for a gossip session when you plan to irk them. But love is a kind of feeling where you listen to your loved ones for hours. The topic may not interest you but still you wish to listen them till eternity. Such a bliss is love. Fall in love and you would know it.
4. You have no specific reasons to like them.
Certainly you like a person only because there must be something about the person which makes you admire or think about them. But when you truly develop a thing for someone you like them without any reasons. Their every gestures and actions seem to impress you. Such is the magic of love.
5. You deliberately try to make them jealous.
I might sometimes seem to you like the brand ambassador or a trustee of Love. But it sometimes sounds weird rather strange that my topic of interest has always been love and relationship. My Keyboard and my pen romances with my fingers and I churn out something which you are reading. Coming back to the point of discussion, sometimes to make them realize our love and worth we can try something different. Like we could make them jealous by comparing others greatness or some special characteristics with him/her. Emphasize more on their skills and something which makes them angry. Deliberately try to make them jealous. This makes them wonder and rectify themselves. This is a pretty constructive point. Don’t make them feel jealous to such an extent that they start hating you. I am not liable for that, I’m just expressing my views and opinions.
6. You fight, irritate and hurt them a lot.
This is a common thing which is experienced when you are in love. You fight with that special person a lot. You are possessive about him and you know that he is yours. He is your world and you have all the rights to hurt, irritate and fight with him. You are sure that he will take it on a lighter note as there is a saying that ‘Everything is fair between love and war’. But the little pleasures and happiness which we derive by doing all this against our loved ones are remarkable and immeasurable. This brings you more closer and bonds your love.
7. You miss them a lot when they don’t call/talk/text you.
At some point when you feel that he/she is your world, you get addicted to them. Due to rapid advancements in technology, mobile texts and online messengers are instrumental in bonding people. You develop a good interpersonal relationship with them and thats what keeps you wait for them. You feel like talking to them every day and everytime.For a moment you seem to be addicted to them. This addiction grows and gradually you think about them everytime.And some day when they turn busy, you feel hurt. Its human tendency as humans gets easily attached to other beings. That is what special about us. Till the time someone is close to us, we don’t miss them and we don’t realize their worth. By the time when they turn busy in their work life, you start realizing their worth and their importance. You miss them. And you keep missing them more when they don’t call, talk or text you.
8. Their choices and interests mean a lot to you.
Once you get to know that person very well, you learn about their choices. You make a note of what all they like and what all they dislike. You map accordingly with your likes and dislikes. And all their interests and choices means a lot to you. You start changing yourself for them. Like if blue is their favourite color then you start dressing up in blue. If  he/she likes Pizza then you order Pizza every time you two go out  for a date or outing .You gradually star loving their choices like food,music,movies,sports etc.
Where do you relate yourself in the above list?. So do you have anything to add? Share your story. I will be talking about the 3 golden rules of Flirting in our next discussion. Do come back to know more about flirting from the great flirt ever. Period!
I Love comments and I appreciate when you leave your valuable feedbacks. J

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