agony of ecstasy

The Agony of Ecstasy!

The Agony of Ecstasy – In this feeling called love

agony of ecstasy

Deep in my heart
We have drifted apart
Your kisses are cold
a strangers touch

The warmth has faded
Your eyes speak no love
The fire that burns us down
seems exhausted and unkindled
soft touch of our lips,
your fingers lacing my skin

as we cuddled into one
is long forgotten
Silent whisperings in the ear
and mushy moanings,
 the scent of your body

all faint and distinct
those tight hugs
as I drowned into you
and you kiss me wet
the desire seems dead

no more do we climb
the ladder of passion
the wild Ecstacy of past
drenched in the silent darkness
I yearn to taste your love and your lips

to engulf in your soul
and merge myself
I pine for that pain
that left me numb
grasping for breathe

in my safe arms
deep desires in my skin
grey but not ashes
yet burn them,
intoxicate them in thy love!

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