Story of Sathya

Can we fall for someone without meeting them?

Story of Sathya

Today I am throwing you 4 simple questions .

1. Can we ever fall for someone whom we have never met in our life?.
2. How can we ever fall for someone without even meeting them?
3. Isn’t that absurd falling love for someone whom we have never met in our life?
4. Is it really good to fall in love for people whom we never met?

The above questions really make sense. All questions are equally important. Think on these questions for a while and wonder what the answers could be. These can be self interpreted. Many people may have different views about the same. Why can’t we fall in love with someone whom we never met? Does it mean that emotions are only limited to physical contacts? What about those with whom we talk on phone, chat and text. They are friends too. At some point of time when texting, chatting, talking exceeds the threshold and there is sudden outburst of pure emotions. I believe its these emotions which later on plays a pivotal role .Emotions are much stronger than words. One should know that one can even fall in love at the first sight without even conversing with the person. You look at them, follow them like crazy. You wait for the right opportunity or probably wait till eternity just for their smile. Love is such an enigma. It never knows words, it never understand languages. Its devoid of all worldly matters. When you truly are compatible with someone I am damn sure that your compatible would remain the same online or offline. I would say that yes, we can fall for someone without meeting them.

World is advancing. Necessity is the mother of invention. New technology and due to rapid progression in the field of Science and Software there has been a change in lifestyle of people. There were times when people wrote and expressed their feelings and love by writing notes and letters.Internet, messengers, telephone, texting has changed our life. Man seems to be addicted to all these technologies and for a moment it makes us wonder if people would really turn techsavy some day.Facebook is busy creating accounts and its obvious that it  would reach 5 billion users mark very soon. Twitter has been equally instrumental in making people express themselves. Nevertheless not to forget the chat messengers. Its through these mediums that people generally tend to express themselves. For a matter of fact, I reiterate that I am talking about today’s scenario. What do you think would happen when  you talk to the same person every day?.Off course, you are getting to the know the person very well. Each day you get to know him/her better and some day when you really get to know everything about them…thats the phase where you realize that that person has painted your life with beautiful colors and you can’t live without them. You get addicted to them. Love happens.It happens again and it keeps happening. Its a repetitive cycle. I have seen many who  have never met each other before and still happily married to each other.

Nothing is wrong or absurd in falling for people whom we never meet.Don’t we fall for our favourite actor by watching them do their best in movies.Do we really  have to meet them to love them?.Similar is the case when we read some novels and fall for it.It is not wrong,it is sane and a natural phenomenon. Emotions just need an outlet to express ourself.If we fail to express ourself then we should have enough courage to see our love fading away from our life.Someone had said that talking to people whom we never met is like talking to a wall and its like throwing and wasting your emotions. Trust me this is not the truth. I have a good experience of talking to my senior SME whom I have never met. He is a real gem of a person. He is my senior and it  was an accidental meeting.I really bumped into his chat during a release addressing some application issue. I had to raise a ticket regarding this and those were the real low times of my life in Delhi.One day was like one week for me. Its only after talking to him I realized that one should enjoy life instead of whining and cribbing. He was like an advice maven for me.I am narrating this example just because I’d never met  him or should it be like  I should ignore his advices just for the fact that I’d never met him.I think it is wrong.It is not like expressing ourselves to a wall.Its afterall no one wants to fill a void in their heart.World is a small place. πŸ™‚

Like I have said before love never understands religion,languages and castes etc. It is  an enimga,a  pure feeling,a bliss.Out of all the organs present in our body, the heart is considered to be the most sensitive.Nothing is good or bad in falling for people over internet or  without meeting them. Its just a feeling apart. Embrace life,Cherish every moments.You  might not know you might fall in love any moment.Chating,Texting,Talking,Mailing and all other -ings are not bad. These are general and excess of these could probably lift up our emotions.I am ending this post on a positive note that love is a special feeling which imbues emotions,expressions etc.It makes you realize yourself and makes you do things which you can’t. Yes, we can fall in love with someone without meeting them. I experience it every single do. What about you?

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