Story of Sathya

166.Yesterday’s tear ,Tommorow’s fear..

Story of Sathya

Waking up at Noontide,
I  think  of life  as  a  roller coaster ride.
Up and down,it goes  round ,
Round and Round without any bound.

Up it  goes,
Life’s good times it shows,
When friends were not foes,
Melancholous tears apart.

I   lay  awake,eyes wide   open,
 Still chasing  those desirious  dreams.
Reminiscing,I  look    at   the  stunning   sun,
with  rays of   hopes it  evokes.

I  recall  those  days   of rain,
thinking of    which  gives  me   pain.
Joy,my enemy.
Sorrow,my best friend.                            

Yesterday’s mess ,
is  today’s stress.
 bad  I feel,
sad i am

hoping against hopes,
to change tears to smile.
is what i wish,
today and tommorow

Story of Sathya
Submitted for One Single Impression prompt: descent.  This is my first poem after 9 months.I really don’t know how it has turned up.Waiting for your comments
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