Story of Sathya

Mermaids sorrow

Story of Sathya

A beautiful mermaid,
lonely swimming in an ocean
had a dream to meet 
the most handsome man on Earth.

Everyday she would pop out  ,
to get a glance of  this  smart guy.
who  would swim all across the ocean
devoid of this pretty angel watching him within .

Deep within the sea,
the mermaid would yearn to meet him.
She would watch him everyday
at the same hour,same time.

She loved him,she liked him.
One day the guy saw her,
silently watching him.
He chased her beneath the sea.

Scared and Frightened,
within a swift of a second,
She plunged to her home
He followed her from behind .

finally her  dream came true,
when he met her 
She smiled at him,
He smiled at her.

she loved him,she liked him,
Deep within the ocean,
They both swam towards their destiny
the mermaids  happiness grew no bounds 

Little did she knew 
that he was a human,
and she was a mermaid.
he drowned to death.

She cried ,she wept,
She was afraid of  being alone,
Having lost her love,
She killed herself

Story of Sathya
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