Story of Sathya

Midnight Ramblings

 I have come across many people in life who often crib and whimper about different things which doesn’t goes right  with them. Why would you do all that? . Life isn’t about worrying and feeling sad. Tensions and problems are parts and parcels of life. This should not hamper your happiness. For some life is just meaningless ..why would you not focus on it or may be you could think of refining it. Why won’t you try to spread that smile on someones face which would ultimately make you feel happy. This post is just meaningless and it comes out random without any insight. I don’t know why but somethings happen in life which are really strange. Life is all about happiness. Well if you are not happy then you surely are missing something.Put the sorrows apart, thats for another day. Enjoy today and this is a perfect day. Live life as if there is no tommorow.

I come across many people in my life and each one of them are special in their own ways. They all leave some special memories for me which I cherish through out my life. Some of them are mere spectators who come in your life for some short time duration but they change your life and make it meaningful. I love these small fragments of joy and bundles of happiness they share with me. Without them my life would be meaningless for sure. They complete my life. Music is something which is like my best friend these days. Its an integtal part of my life and  It gives me solace when I feel lonely and sad. And yeah there is this one friend of mine with whom I love talking to.Everynight we chat on Google talk and she never ceases to make me smile. Love you guys. And belated happy birthday to my Father. Love you dad for all that you have done for me and my little sister. You are the real hero to both of us and we won’t forget everything that you have done for us. We both love you daddy..Feeling sleepy right now…so its time to hit the bed. Will try to write something constructive in my upcoming days but I am really busy in office activities which prevents me from contributing to my blog. Will soon find some time for my blog and come up with a short series or something like that. Good night . >:D<
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