Story of Sathya

I Promise I will be back soon……

You have been a great inspiration for me.
At times I struggled ,you were the one who supported me.
When all were against me,it was you who was on my side.
When I cried ,you were the only one who soothed me.
I was looking for help and it was you who stood by me.
You always thanked me ,but I owe all my credits to you.
You were annoyed when I spoke against our loved ones.
You have been a friend,guide and a philosopher.
your suggestions always helped me.
A peice of advice was all that I required from you.
I hurted you, made you cry and even sad.
Even then you called me a best friend.
You always want me to be first in life.
You got angry when I wasted my time.
It were you who changed my life.
My life would be incomplete without you.
You scolded me when I was naughty at times.
You helped me,when I was tired.
You accompanied me when I nervous.
It was on your shoulders that I relied much.
I trusted you and you trusted me.
But now everything is gone,
Every one is against me.
But I don’t care ,but I do wait only for you.
I am going ,
I am going forever.
Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for considering me as a best friend.
Kill me,hurt me ,leave me.
But do remember me,
for I remember you as a person who changed my life.
I am going,far and away,
but will back soon.
Do remember me for the rest of your life.
Only thing I can say you now ,
Keep waiting,
I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.

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