Story of Sathya

I Love you – 1

(All characters in this story are fictitious and they  have nothing to do with any one in reality.It is a work of fiction.The character names and the places used here are imaginary)

Her closet  witnessed over hundred designer clothes. She removed all of them and arranged them in a bag. She was wearing an embroidered saree with beads which was designer made.He sat docilely on the  bed pleading her not to leave  him. It was their 3rd marriage anniversary and it was the same day  when Arush promised Aanaya that he would never betray her and would keep her happy forever.She  was always his first love but today it seemed if it was all  over.  Arush met her one fine day during  his visit to Goa 3 years ago.

The awesomeness of the sea and the prolonged beauty of the morning sun was a sight to see and  something which everyone craves for. It was Arush’s business trip to Goa.  The morning sun shone  through displaying a wide gamut of  colors. Dressed in shorts and flaunting his hairy chest ,Arush entered the beach. His shades made him look smart although he was a perfect  handsome man any girl would wish for. The view of the beach was something beyond imaginations. It was his first visit to Goa and  he loved the place. He scanned through the entire beach and found kids creating sand castles and couples romancing. He came across a girl with a slender body who was looking gaunt and tired. She was a pretty damsel. She wore a polka dotted  bikini which revealed most of her body and  was unusual amongst Indian women. He looked at her and at first she tried to avoid Arush. She completely succumbed to temptation and smiled back at him. Arush made his first move and a conversation struck between them. 
‘Hey there! nice shades ,’ Arush smiled  at her.
‘Thanksie..yours is nice too…,’ She said.
‘Is this your first time here?,’ She added.
‘Yes! first time..romancing with the waves and having fun while doing so,’ Arush  smiled 
‘Thats Cheesy..Oh by the way Aana here ,’ She introduced herself.
‘Arush Arora here ,’ 
‘Well Arush, isn’t the beach beautiful…look at the innocence of those kids building castles….poor thing never know that they would be washed away by the waves,’ She said.
‘True..they are kids..and its age for them to play and not to think rationally,’ He uttered.

Story of Sathya

‘True that.. so whats your plan for tonight?,’ She  asked  Arush, For once ,he witnessed a seductive smile on her face. 
‘I am here for a Business meet at Le Meridan’s at 4 pm,’ Arush said with a straight face.
‘Ahh!which company? ,’ She asked him.
‘Global Infocom,’ Arush said.
‘I am the Marketing head of GI India,’ He added. She blinked in surprise at his achievements and agility. He was too matured and his way of thinking was different.
‘Then we can meet at 8 pm at Cafe  Villa Sol,’  She said and they both exchanged their numbers.
‘Okie ! done I’m game for it,’ Arush said.
‘Ok then …see you again at 4 pm ,’ She exhibited a smile which had a dual meaning.
‘Ahh I guess 8 pm, ‘He interrupted her.
‘True that…see you,’ She said and they both left for thier respective hotels.

Arush had an insatiable thirst for earning money in love. He wanted to be amongst someone who shall be counted in top  businessmen.He belonged to a high social class and his father was  a genteel person who was admired for his theory on Indian economy. His father Mr .Kailash Arora had invincible faith in his son and aways envisioned and potrayed him as the man who will take his business to the next level. It was 4 pm. He was dressed in his black suit and was wearing his favourite red tie with maroon strips. He reached  Le meridaan sharp at 4 . The receptionist showed him way to the Conference hall where the Business meet was supposed to be held. 

‘Welcome  dear friends …this is indeed a honour to meet you all at the same platform,’ Mr. Goel addressed the group.
Arush smiled when Mr. Goel spoke. It reminded him of his father. A longer pause and everyone remained silent.
‘Can’t we start with the discussions?,’ Arush interrupted the silence.
‘Yes we can ,but we are waiting for another board member,’ Mr. Goel said.
‘Who is that ?,’ Everyone including Arush asked in unison.
‘Miss.Sethi, the creative head of Telus Group,’ Mr .Goel said.

Story of Sathya

It was already 30 minutes late and there was some sort of quarrels and distubance in the room. 
‘Can I come in? I’m so sorry folks? Some serious traffic issues I’m late..I seek apology ,’ A voice came from the door. There stood a young woman in her mid 20’s  who was seeking apologies from everyone. She was dressed in a heavily embroidered Punjabi suit. Her alluring face and fair complexion would perfectly match her clothes.  Arush could not believe his eyes when he saw her. He  stiflled a sigh and thanked god for sending her to his transitory garden of admiration.

‘So I guess we can proceed,’ The new entrant spoke.

(To be continued…)
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