Story of Sathya

This email from a mother can make you sad

Dear Son,

It is disheartening to see you struggling in your new place. I understand that you must shape your career, and you left home for your job. We appreciate your decision entirely. We never stopped you, but we were happy that you became responsible. You don’t know how much we miss and are proud of you. Every time we talk to you, I hear discomfort in your voice. You tried not to break, but you broke. You cried cause of your plight, and you were distressed too.

It is quite saddening to see your suffering. I just don’t want you to be shattered. As you know, life is full of opportunities. It is full of lessons, and every decision we make and everything we do teaches us a great lesson. It is this lesson that we take ahead in life. It is all about learning, moving forward, and never looking back. I want you to be strong, and I don’t want my sweety to be feeble and low. It is not your nemesis, but it is just a bad phase in your life. Why don’t you realize this? . When you left us, you sought blessings from your daddy and me. Perhaps you never saw your dad’s face at that moment. It was filled with pride; you won’t know how happy he was for you. You never realized how much your sister Priyanka misses you. Priya would always ask me about your vacations and when you would return. Son, I understand your importance at your workplace. But I want you to concentrate on your health too. Without proper fitness, you won’t be able to focus on your work, and your life will become unstable.

You might be missing the Sunday Brunches at our home. Those unique dishes which I used to make for you. You were the only reason why I made such delicious food. But today, I almost cried when you told me that you had never had breakfasts since the day you left home. Is work that important to you? Money is secondary. Spend money on everything that you need. Eat anything that you like. Your daddy never knows that you are struggling there. If he comes to know this, he will take you back. Priyanka passed her board exams with flying colors, and she loved the Fastrack watch you sent her on her birthday.

You never knew how excited she was. She would show her watch to everyone like crazy that her brother had sent this watch for her all the way from California. You are the only reason why we all are here. Today is Mother’s day. Last year you took us out, and It was a joyous moment for me being a mother. I still remember the day you and Priya gifted me a Kanchivaram Saree. That May was the best moment of my life. May is full of surprises for our family.

Our Anniversary May 17th is the day when you will never forget. It will be our 25th wedding anniversary this year, and we will all miss you this time. You would remember that day even in your faintest memory, and I am damn sure about this. I’m proud to be your mother because you never cease to make us happy. Come back soon. We all love you. Health first and then rest. We all love you. I’m not strong, son, and I would cry on Skype video calls. This is the reason why I’m writing this email to you. Hope to see you soon.



Written for Sunday Scribbling->Ma

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