Story of Sathya

Testers Vs Developers

So its the same old story of the war between Developers and Testers.So IT guys can relate this post to themselves. Everyone knows that Development,Testing and Maintainance are the integral part of a software lifecycle.Likewise for a better product all the three phases should be functioning well.Development is the actual core development of the software which includes High Level Designing and preceded by Requirement Analysis and Gathering activities.The actual coding takes place in this phase.The Code may be written in any suitable programming language which the component or the product supports.  After this testing activities takes place.Testers  should have this ability to find bugs .I’m a software Test Engineer and I’m actually smiling right now while writing this post as this reminds me of those incidents where we have troubled the development team.After this maintainance activity takes place as the code goes into production environment,

This war  between a Tester and a Developer is long lasting and there can’t be any end to it. I happened to test for a particular funtionality of  the component that was going to be migrated soon. As a Tester I would definitely look forward for finding the related issues which would actually not make the product to work.Unfortunately the development team sits  next to our bay at our office. For every defects opened they would certainly run hunting for the tester and possibly argue with him. The developer diplomatically talks to the tester explaining him /her the scenarios and the tester counter attacks with all his findings.Ultimately, the developer asks the tester to cancel the defect and the tester  refuses to budge.This is one thing which happens at IT company.I have a very good friend in the development team.I consulted her trying to rectify the issue and she asked me to test the same thing in another  test environment and there it seemed to function properly.  She came to my desk and gave me a wink as she gave a green signal for a defect. I soon logged into Quality Center and  opened a QC Defect to track this issue.Soon 3 minutes after she left  two of her colleagues possibly the developers working on my issue came running towards my cubicle before I pressed the submit button. I explained them the actuals and the expected which I was getting. They thought for a while and asked for 25 minutes giving a hint that they didn’t want any possible defect against them. I replied them with a smile that I shall open a QC Defect to track this issue and they helpless nodded their heads saying yes. I went on to open a Severity 2,Priority 2 defect.

The job of a tester is to find as many defects as possible and the job of the developer is to avoid defects. If the tester fails to find a defect then it would be un avoidable as the code goes into production and ultimately it will come back to the  tester in form of a Live Defect.A Defect is OK to the Testing team but a Live Defect is not acceptable .An LD is ok for the Development team but a Defect is not ok.During this process ,we actually trouble the support team as well in case if  any environment issues persists.If we don’t find any defect and if we get LD then management would seek an answer from us.So we could say that the testers are not at the safe side ,but the blame goes to the developer LOL. 
Who wants to be blamed ??? See below.

Story of Sathya

Developer-Tester,whats the issue on this? I guess this was working fine? Its an environment issue.
Tester-Dev,yes that was another issue.We already opened a Severity 1 towards the enviornment issue.
Developer-So what is the new defect for?
Tester-I’m not getting the right popup which I should be getting?
After 2 days ,the pop up issue is fixed but the tester opens Sev 1 defect towards the dev team.
Developer -I guess the popup thing is fixed ,..what now?
Tester– I’m getting multiple popups and I expect only one  pop up for which I would be opening a Sev 2.
Developer fixes the issue and after one day the tester again opens a Severity  3 defect.

Developer -(Vexed) What the hell!! now whats the issue?
Tester-I’m getting the correct  popup and just one.But its not of correct dimensions and  ‘submit’ button is shown ‘SBMIT’. I’m going to open a Sev 3 cosmetic  defect to track this issue.

Developer  gets irritated and plans to resign…. 😀 

Check this image where the man runs away from the Bull

Story of Sathya

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