Story of Sathya

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Never met him – so, have not seen him face to face. Well, still I know him a lot, I feel. The things he writes, the values he practices and the emotions he depicts are signs of being a good human being. This is the reason he is loved so much by so many people. This is something enviable by the worst of the foes too…
Story of SathyaHe is amiable and he is humorous. Sometimes, his humor is incomprehensible; but he manages to pull up a smile on the readers’ faces. He was the one who invited me to The Writers Lounge and that has really changed my orientation towards ‘blogging’ a lot. Then he came up with this character – StepCock and later named as StepMan, which made me laugh and dislike the very thought of it. Anyways, we all adapted to live with it, when we learnt that he is not going to call it off. LoL.

As his blog turns older, I am happy to be invited here to write something on it. This blog has been a sure visit for me for a long time when I used to read my friends’ blogs and comment regularly. I find it difficult these days. But still, I do come here and read him and smile…

I would just want to thank you Stephen, for being a friend and for writing all that you do. Keep writing and write things that come to your mind instantly – because this is when you write best. I can see life is changing for you and I hope it will only change to bring better things to you. Have a prosperous life ahead and I wish you all the success in whatever you do.

If you remember me, meet me in some 10-15 years time from today. Well, not because all my investments will mature that time, but it would be nice if we really meet sometime. I hope I will be available at Gmail even then. Do try to meet. Until then, have a great life ahead!

Story of Sathya

The Solitary Writer
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