Story of Sathya

203. The Online Friend – By Princess Sonshu

Written by Princess Sonshu 

“So whats your name?” trina2345 asked her.
“Hello trina2345! Im shilpa!” she replied. 
Shilpa loved to chat online and she had many unknown friends. She was an extrovert and loved making friends. Especially friends who she has never seen!
“Hello shilpa. Im trina! What do you do?” Trina asked
“I? Im in the 12th std. What about you?” she replied.
“Oh what a coincidence? I too am in the 12th!” Trina replied. “Im sure we’ll be great friends!”
“We sure will!” Shilpa replied.
“Where do you live in India?” Trina asked. 
“I? I live in Kerala. What about you?” shilpa asked
“Oh me?, I live somewhere near Chennai…and im coming to Kerala for my summer holidays.” Trina replied.
“Oh that’s great.” Shilpa said. “So when are your summer vacations?”
“In three days….Only im coming as my parents aren’t free..But tickets are booked. Now only hotel we’re searching” Trina said.
“So what are your hobbies” Shilpa asked. 
They chatted often about hobbies, tv shows, interests and Shilpa noticed that there wasa lot in common. She asked her parents and decided to invite Trina home to stay when she comes. 
“Trina I asked my parents so you can stay here when you’re in Kerala.” Shilpa said and Trina agreed. So it was finalized that Trina would stay at Shilpas. Finally the day arrived when Trina came home. Shilpa was very happy and showed her around. She looked extremely pretty according to Shilpa. They enjoyed going here and there. Everything was fine and happy! Finally the day had arrived when Trina was leaving. Trina gave her address and told Shilpa to come home sometime. 
After a few days Shilpa noticed some pocket money was missing and her mom had complained too that some of the money kept in her cupboard was missing. It all summed upto twenty thousand rupees loss, so they decided to filed a police complaint. They were all the more confused as they had no maid servant at home, so stealing was out of question. 

The next day while Shilpa was browsing through the news paper she saw a list of wanted criminals. She was surprised to see a photo of her friend Trina. She immediately browsed the net and saw that Trina was a criminal, a thief. She informed her mom and they came to know that it was Trina who’d stolen the money. At first they were shocked as Trina had acted so sweet. Later they realized that what you are from, the outside doesn’t matter. Shilpa from then on  never exchanged information with strangers, especially people online, because all the sweet, sugared coating was never to be trusted. It was FAKE!
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