Story of Sathya

198.Complete the Nest – By Asbah Alaena

Written by Asbah Alaena,

Complete the Nest
The twilight cruises over classic blue sky, buds of March sprout, the yellow flaunts in the green and the sparrows twitter, from this branch to that hopeful to lure their mates.
She brushes the hair from his eyes “may be, my brown eyed darling” she says, “may be I nurture you, and bring you the comfort and bliss”.
“May be I love you like you’ve never loved before”
“May be we can reach the galaxies of stars and fathom the depths of sea!” she smiles, “and may be not”.
He looks into her drown-able eyes and finds the stars shining in them. He flies out to collect the raw straw, knowing that she will make his nest complete.
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