Story of Sathya

193.I love you,but… – 1

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Sonali rushed to her bedroom with her laptop as she reached her home. She was already late from college and she wanted to talk to some one to whom she was a mystery. Sonali was fondly known as Sonu by all her friends and her family. Almost everyone called her Sonu. She untied her braids as she sat on her bed.She logged into messenger which is the first thing which she would do after entering home.As usual Mrs.Rathod would helplessly watch her 19 year old daughter with a pout face. Sonali was everything to Mrs Rathod. A girl born in a middle class family in Gujurat would often be considered as a blessed child. She was no different than others.

“Sonu, jami le (Sonu,eat your food),” Mrs Rathod said to her daughter as she arranged the books on the table.
ma, thodi waar ma aavu chhu(Ma,I will come in a while),” Sonu said to her mother as she checked her mails without nictating her eyes.
Story of Sathya

hey bhagwan, aa computer upar akho divas shu kare chhe(God knows what she does on the computer) “ Mrs Rathod murmured as she was unhappy with her daughters activities.

“Hey there,” A window popped up on her computer.

A smile appeared upon her face as she saw the chat window.
cool_dude09: Hey Sonu! you there.
sweet_sonu89:hey hi Rahul. πŸ™‚
cool_dude09: how are you? hows everyone@ your end?
sweet_sonu89: I’m good and everyone is good. what about you?and hows Manchester
cool_dude09: hmm they are good too and hey Manchester United won that match against Arsenal.
sweet_sonu89: (with a smile) I am not talking about that cricket match. I am asking about your place.
cool_dude09:Its football dumbo and yes Manchester is rocking as usual .You tell.
sweet_sonu 89: ok sorry yar.
cool_dude09: you know what I have not seen you and I want to see you today. Pls will you show me your picture.
sweet_sonu89: but… :-O why?
cool_dude09: I want to knw hw u look like?
sweet_sonu89: Look rahul.I don’t look good and I know I am ugly.I am sorry.I hope you understand.
cool_dude09: damn it! I have been chatting to you without knowing you.Am I insane?
sweet_sonu89: you are not.I’m insane.I am ugly Rahul.Understand yar.I don’t want to ruin our friendship.
cool_dude09: Don’t worry.I jst want to be ur friend and I am not here to date any one..samjii?
sweet_sonu89:achha theek hai.give me some time.I will get back to you in a while.

Rahul’s best friend Ansh was present with him.Rahul would share all his secrets with his best friend Ansh.

Story of Sathya
Rahul had told many good things about Sonali to his best friend.He knew Sonali as Sonu like everyone.He was born and raised up in Manchester and he was amongst the richest Indian living in England.His father Mr. Rajdeep Seth had won several awards in business and had featured in many lists.Rahul was quite sure that Sonu was a good looking girl

cool_dude09: still waiting?

Sonali wanted to play a trick with Rahul.She knew that Rahul wanted to see her picture.She was a simple girl with average looks.Many of them called her pretty while others called her gorgeous.She never boasted and always wanted to be a simple girl.She searched for a guy’s image in internet and shared it with Rahul.

sweet_sonu89: can you see me Rahul?
cool_dude09: wait its blurred.let it load.
sweet_sonu89:Hmm.I am warning you and I am ugly .Don’t faint.
cool_dude09: Are you a dude? (shocked)
cool_dude09:Buzz! are you a guy?
Sonali could not control her laughter as she wanted to know Rahul’s reaction.She liked him and she always wanted to test his patience.
sweet_sonu89:(grin) Yes Yes any doubts .Its me.
Rahul without any second thought blocked her from his messenger list.
“Hahaha, bewakoof I knew this man..Its virtual world baby,” Ansh taunted
“Man,I can’t believe Sonu is a guy,” Rahul said to his best friend.

“It happens dude,don’t give a damn to virtual friendship man,” Ansh smiled.

Meanwhile Sonali was sending messages to Rahul ,but she had no reply.
sweet_sonu89:Hey Rahul! are you there?
sweet_sonu89: hey its not me. I am a girl …hey please reply.
sweet_sonu89: Buzz!
sweet_sonu89: Rahul I want to talk to you.pls reply

“Man,I advice you please don’t believe in internet and what are you doing?,” Ansh said to Rahul
“I am writing a mail to that asshole,”Rahul was furious.
“You bloody *&*& why the f@ck you did this to me.I am not a gay like you dude.Leave me alone and I blocked you.don’t bother me you bloody asshole,” Rahul was vexed as he clicked the ‘send mail‘ button.

Meanwhile Sonali was trying to contact Rahul.She wrote a mail to him explaining that she was actually playing a prank on him.She attached her original photo as an attachment.

“Dear Rahul, you know what I just have a feeling that I started liking you.I like you rahul.Please talk to me.I am not a man and I have send you my picture with this email.Please talk to me.Love Sonali,”Sonali wrote the mail.

As soon as she send the mail to Rahul, she got another mail. It was an email from Rahul.Sonali could not accept and she was frustrated.She was said that her pranks annoyed Rahul.But she could not digest the derogatory words and abuses made by Rahul.

“Enough,I just realized how bad you are!,” Sonali replied to Rahul’s email.

Rahul was sad and his face would clearly exhibit it.
“Beep,you have an email,” the messaging system said.
“Oh it seems that asshole replied,” Rahul said to his friend.
Rahul read the mail and was shocked when he saw the picture. He cursed himself. He looked at Sonali’s picture for a while and was unhappy with his behaviour and gestures.

“Man,look at Sonu,”Rahul said to his friend Anshul.
“Oh my god!,” Ansh replied without blinking his eyes.

(To be continued..)

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