Story of Sathya

192. Happy Birthday My Best friend Parziii!!!

Story of Sathya

Friends are not made for life and true friendship is not a transient relation. Friends are some one who make you feel better yes they even create nightmares for you sometimes,but lets limit our discussion till the good clean side of friendship.They stand behind you during your bad sides and strife.Some times in our life we pine to get good friends who would understand us and atleast assure happiness in our life.I many times in my life wondered if I had a better friend and now I have a best friend . The reason for this post is that 22 years ago on 15th Jan ,an angel was born in India. She was amongst the prettiest looking angel who called herself stupid and mad. She preferred to stay simple and modesty was her main weapon.Whatever be the case ,she would remain modest and would not boast off things.A very happy birthday to my best friend Parzi who turns 22 today. Yey!! party time friend has turned one more year old….

Today I want to thank god for giving me her friendship which I would like to preserve and cherish it forever. She is simple,understanding,creative,genius,supportive,kind and most importantly some one who tolerates me.She is my Vent zone who patiently listens to my vent and gives me suggestions and tips to solve my problems. She acts as a mentor ,a teacher ,a guru who inspires and teaches you things .She is some one who writes inspirational posts which is amongst the most visited post in my blog.Heart has a reason which reason knows nothing off :)). This post was written by my very own best friend and just loved the way it was expressed and written. She acts as a doctor who gives lectures about how to reduce your weight ,blood pressure and control your anger.Her anger and sister management lessons are quite useful to many of us. Most importantly she is a physchologist who solves your problems and reads your mind. Have a problem ,better say it to Parzi and guess what you will get the best possible solution to your problem. I am not bragging about my friend nor I am being Pompous.I am just speaking the fact on her birthday.For those who don’t know her then I suggest you to read few of my old posts about her.I liked you for many reasons.Most importantly you are my friend which is the best possible thing in the world.You know I just don’t know how to express my happiness .It was a random add request and sometimes random friends turn into best of your friends.Thanks a lot for being my friend today. I could not ask anything else ,but a better health,a blissful life and happiness for my best friend. I want to see my lecturer aka doctor aka teacher aka best friend happy forever.I won’t tolerate your lessons in fact I cherish and enjoy your lessons.You are a gift to all your friends and your family.I just wish you remain happy forever and make people happy around you with your presence.I know your presence itself is enough to make people around you happy. And one more big thing is that she is my secret holder.She has the key to my secret box and its she who gets to know it first. Most of them have been depressive and sad,but guess what relying on your bestie’s shoulder is not a bad thing,ain’t it?I would like to thank you for some reasons on your birthday.
I really want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for-
*always bringing a smile on my face when I least want to.
*for always making me feel remembered and special!
*for being ever so patient and sweet enough to listen to all my stupid rants
*for accepting me the way I am..though I know it really gets irritating at times..coz thats when you say”you don’t fit this century”..but then asking me not to change!
*for inspiring me and encouraging me with your lessons
*for giving me the sweet useful tips and suggestions in form of lessons and lectures.AML and SML were really great.
*for listening,caring,helping for being there always…THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHH!

I am sure I can’t reciprocate a percent of all that you have done for me..but I can promise you one thing that whenever you need a friend I will always be there…for sure! Now coming to the things I need to apologise for..
so here’s a heartfelt “sorry”-
*Sorry for making you feel bad at times.
*Sorry for making you cry at times by pestering you with useless things.
*Sorry for not being a good friend although I am trying to be one.
*Sorry for not being regular on your blog.
*Sorry for all the times I scolded and irritated you and made you feel sad.
*Sorry for all my acts which hurt you at times and forgive me for the same.I’m sure you would forgive me on your birthday else you are gone πŸ˜›

I still fail yo understand how my best friend would react after reading all this. But I’m sure she is going to kill me for sure. Read this post to know more about her. I really wanted to be a good friend to you.I am sure I will be one day.You know what I am always here to make you smile :))

Story of Sathya

Thanks for your friendship.I will write about our leg pulling,pranks,frogs,pestering thing and other serious things on a separate post. I rather want to refrain myself from get beaten on your birthday :P. You are the best .You rock. You can wish her on
PS: She is a wonderful writer as well..Check the first link that I ve given up:)) Have a great day ahead.
My blog is going to celebrate 200 posts and hence I would rather wish to color my blog with your presence so I need you people to write a guest post for my blog. Many of you have drafted a post for the solitary writer. Thank you .Will start with the guest post series soon :)) . Goin for a long break :)) miss me

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