Story of Sathya

191.’What an Idea Vipuljiii(?)’ -(Blog-a-Ton 6)

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Once upon a time in Mumbai,there lived a 21 yr old boy called Ste,for whom writing was a passion. He was an Engineer by profession but he adored writing to such an extent that instead of coding he would land up writing Short stories. After working for several weeks and months he would get tired and sometimes he would get upset as he could not write much. His ambition was to become a writer and he praised Paulo Coelho,Marquiz Garcia Gabriel and Jeffrey Archer.These three were god to him. Some times he was afraid that he would miss writing forever. Once and for all he decided to take a break from Engineering and went on to write books.But for this he would have to start at a smaller basis.He planned to write for some online magazines. That was the same time when he met his best friend Nehatrix .She told him about Vipul and Vipul sir was running an online magazine called ‘Blog-a-Ton’ consisting of 200 + prolific writers. She asked him to meet Vipul and ask for a writers job on his E magazine.
Ste was an aspiring writer and many people say that he was born to ‘save the earth’ and so he was addressed as STE . He called himself as the Solitary Writer as he wrote poems and stories all alone in his bedroom.
He mailed Vipul sir about the writers job.Soon within 24 hours Vipul had called Ste for an interview. Ste was all excited. He had given several interviews in his lifetime and he cleared most of them.But this time Ste was nervous. He carried his file which contained all his works which included poems,stories and 55’ers.
Ste got dressed up and left for BAT(Blog-a-Ton) office.
“May I come in Sir,” Ste said with a soft voice.
“Yes come in Gentleman, take your seat,” Vipul said to him.
Ste scanned the entire cabin and found that the office was embellished with wall paintings and modern art.

“What are you looking at?,” Vipul asked Ste.
“Sir, the paintings are brilliant ,” he said
“I made it man,” Vipul said.
“Its ausumn,” Ste smiled.
Ste stood up and saluted Vipul after he read a name plate on Mr Vipul’s table.
“Marshal Vipul ,” was written on the name plate.
“Sir, I never knew that you served for our nation, please give me your autograph,” Ste was excited.
“Stop it I say,” Vipul said for once.
“I’m the Marshal of Blog-a-Ton,” he added.
“By the way what do you think of these paintings,” Vipul grinned.
“Wow,they are ausumn sir,who made it?,” Ste replied.
“Well these are my masterpeice,” Vipul sat straight with a proud face.
“Amazing sir, you are truly a phenomenon sir,” Ste said.
“Ok lets start with the interview then,” Mr. Vipul said.
Marshal Vipul: Why do you want to write for our Magazine?
Ste: Sir I believe that this is the space where we can reveal our talents and I’m sure that I am in the right place and in front of right person who would appreciate talents.
Marshal Vipul: I’m impressed Mr Ste. What is Ste?
Ste: Ste is the tag given to some one who saves the earth.
Marshal Vipul: You mean STE for saves the earth.
Ste: (smiles) yes exactly marshal.
Marshal Vipul: Common now lets start with serious discussions.
Ste:(serious face) ok marshal.
Marshal Vipul: (Hands over a painting to Ste) Now write a complimenting post on this picture.
Story of Sathya
Marshal Vipul:I must congratulate Me, Myself and I for suggesting this image.
Ste: ( Stares at the picture for 5 minutes ) Sir, this isn’t fair? I can’t interpret or think of anything.This image is dull and stupid.
Marshal Vipul: Now what you have to do is, take inspiration from this image and write a complementing post. If you find the image dull, try to add spice to it with your words. Give whatever title to this image
Ste: But..But…Marshal…firstly I can’t even think of anything and you want me to write a complementing post on this.
Marshal Vipul: Moreover, its upto you; which mood or tone you choose to set it in, i.e. serious, witty, humour, optimistic or whatever that comes to you naturally.Again, you have the freedom to choose the language of communication. However, we’ll suggest you to write in English
Ste:(Perplexed) This seems to be have drawn from Paintbrush.
Marshal Vipul: common ste don’t you dare commenting about my painting skills .Write quickly we are running out of time. Frankly, even I am not sure, how am I going to shape my post .
Ste:(confused) what? But i can see a pencil,few lines and few primary colors. These are geometrical shapes sir…
Marshal Vipul: Oh good! my boy write about it.
Ste: (thinks thinks and thinks ) ‘What an Idea Vipuljii(?) ‘.
Marshal Vipul: Oh wow! how short and sweet. ‘What an Idea Vipuljii!’seems to be interesting.
Ste: (grins and winks at Marshal) Thank Thank you.
Marshal Vipul: I loved the way you described the picture. Amazingly wonderful.You are a genius my boy.You are appointed. Wow ‘What an Idea Vipuljii!’ (Grins and smiles)
Ste: (faints and gets up in 5 second) Oh thank you thank you Marshal.Then shall we talk about the salary sir.
Marshal Vipul: ( Faints)
Ste: (Grins) ‘What an Idea Vipuljiiiiii (?)’
.Alls well that ends well and finally he got a job.All thanks to Marshal Vipul.

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