Story of Sathya

2nd blog anniversary.100 posts . awards…..

Ok.guess what was I doing 2 years ago at this day.Guess!! Guess!! I fooled my DBMS professor and was browsing some blogs in my DBMS pracs.I was inspired by some blogs.And of sudden,something struck my mind.My hands clicked the “create blog” button and thats how I got a new blog on 27-1-2007.Now,its been 2 years and my blog has turned 2 years old.Remember,its still a baby blog.

This post seems to be a special post as its my 100th post on my blogs 2nd anniversary.To celebrate it in a better way,I am giving awards to all my blogger friends..Enjoy!!

Story of Sathya
This award goes to 3 people.
Chriz for the way he writes his posts that induces laughter .

Arjun ,another blogger of same kind.He writes posts which will make you laugh.We both are currently working for a series in Writers Lounge.

Sandeep Balan,the jack of all trades.Check his mussadi man series.

The next award is called “Superstar blogger“.It is given to bloggers who are talented and come up with good topics.
Story of SathyaShweta for her beautiful poems on Writers Lounge.

Prats for her poems on Writers Lounge.

Pink Orchid ,again for her poems on Writers Lounge and her wonderful replies.

Akshat for his work on his blog

Valencia ,another blogger on blogworld blessed with loads of talents

Aarthi ,My good and old friend who recently entered this blogworld.

Chriz for the known reasons.

Usha ,for her poems and her posts.I am really inspired by her works.

Lover.If you wanna know then check his blog.

Anurag,who is my friend and a very famous person in blogworld.”Are you kidding me?” reminds me of this guy

Akansha ,for the tadka’s on her blog :p .she writes well.

Neha P, for her her thoughtful posts.

Shruti ,for her dark poems.

Crystal.She is my partner in crime.We both work for a site called “Imaze”, where we are responsible for designing templates and headers.

Riya,for her beautiful works

Mehreen, for all her thought provoking posts

Gauri,for her posts and clicks.

Pankhuri,for her creativity explored.

Leo, for his masterpeices in form of poems.

Riversoul,for his poems .He is our leader in “Imaze”, a good friend of mine .

Rashi ,for her beautiful poems

Asbah, for her thoughts and poems

Divinediu ,for her random thoughts

Tan, for all his poems on Writers Lounge

akka for her thoughtful poems and write ups.

Now ,this award is called “Blogscar“.Arjun asked me to include this award .I am giving this award to people who have inspired me by their works.

Story of SathyaAsbah



Pink Orchid,kan








If,I have missed any ones name,then please let me know. πŸ™‚


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