Story of Sathya

167.Sister Management Lessons!!!

I am back ,but not with a bang.Yesterday my Captain Kasabian girl came back to blog world and I am happy to see her .Well we have seen a best friend falling for a best friend,ways to be happy,Importance of love in family and Anger management in my previous few posts.Now its time for some different topic. Ahem!! So what does this title suggests you.Yes! Another management class,but this time not for Angry souls ,but for brothers who mess with their sisters. It applies to Solitary Writer as well.I would like to wish Shweta as its her birthday .So , my dear friends lets sing a birthday song for our little friend Shweta aka Tweety aka I,Me,Myself. So are you still confused and thinking about this post.No more delays!.Lets start with the discussion.Most Indian families treat their son’s as their pride and their daughters as their assets.This is true and I am at times proud of my nations culture and tradition.
Who is a sister?. My Nokia N70 dictionary defines a sister as the female person who has the same parent as that of the other.Yes this is 100% correct.A sister is someone who supports,encourages,motivates,annoys her younger and older siblings.She even fights with them and more over she cares and loves them.Trust me it is one of the most pure relationship of a brother and a sister.India is the only country which follows the culture of Rakhshabandhan.The name itself is composed of two terms.’Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means relationship.Sisters tie a holy sacred thread on their brothers wrist indicating that their brother would take care of them and protect them throughout their life. This is the magic of sibling relationship.I somehow feel strange about the existence of Sibling rivalries in certain family .For instance me and my sister do fight unlike other siblings but we are amongst best friends.That can’t be considered as fights .I will write few lessons for you .It is the sister management lessons.Lets start with the lessons.

Story of SathyaLesson 1 : Always Respect your sister.

Story of SathyaWhether it may be your elder sister or your younger sister ,a sister is a woman.One should always respect her not just she is your sister but she is a girl/woman.A person who cannot respect his sister can never respect any other woman in this world.

Lesson 2:Sibling Rivalries & tiffs

Since childhood we are used to fighting with our closed ones.At times we end up hurting each other and irritating them .This is mostly observed in a brother sister relationship.Story of SathyaWe have quarrelled and fought over petty issues.Sometimes it is fun ,but sometimes it is not.Sometimes we fight and sometimes we protect and support.This is nothing but some memorable part of growing up.I remember my sister pushing me into a gutter when she was 7. There are certain slang’s and abusive words related to sisters.Make sure and take care that we should avoid such harmful words.Some times a brother should not raise his hand on her.We are not here to show our strenght on our sister.This will exhibit our weaker side.

Lesson 3:Possession.

Story of SathyaTo be honest all brothers are possessive by nature.They do care for their sisters.Sisters do love the sense of security and protection a brother gives to them.But this should also offer some trust factor.Sometimes this may even lead to unwanted suspicion breaking the beautiful bond.In case of any confusions or doubts make sure you handle it properly and clarify it before you make any allegations or interrogations.

Lesson 4:Manifesting Double Standards

Do not manifest double standards.Some times brothers may have girlfriends or may be any female friends or whatever.They completely adore and respect those women.But if their sisters are into a relationship or associate with guys then it is a sin.*There are exceptions* Why can’t a sister get into relationship with some guy? If it is morally a sin or if it is wrong then we should know that the girl whom we brothers love is someones sister . So no point in having such bias.

Lesson 5: Realizing responsibilityStory of Sathya
A girl see’s a fatherly figure in her brother.She seeks guidance,support and help from her brother.If we fail to provide this ,then what kind of brothers are we.Also apart from the fun and other things we should realize our responsibility towards our sister.Do it and see that the amount of love and respect for you doubles.

Lesson 6: Developing trust.

Story of SathyaBecome each others secret holders and closed confidants.Why can’t brothers and sisters be best of friends? The ‘why’ factor comes because of your childhood habit of blackmailing and letting out secrets.Develop a bond such that there is transparency and where you can share all things with your siblings.Sisters are sometimes trustworthy and can keep secrets.Although there are some exceptions.

Lesson 7:Communicating the right way.

Story of SathyaYou may be out the entire day.You have time to sit online and chat for hours with others.Can’t you spare 15 minutes a day for your sister.?Sit down and ask her if she is OK. Help her in her assignment work.Teach her things ,clear her study related doubts and discuss her future.Ask her if she has any problems and how can it be solved.
Spend time with her by sharing your life experiences.Good communication at the right time can do wonders.

Lesson 8:Her importanceStory of Sathya
I know a sister is very important to any brother in this world.Why can’t you show it? She won’t sit on your head.Tell her how special she is to you and your family.Convey it to her once in while and seek her opinion in daily day to day activities.It may be selecting a shirt,giving advises etc.Involve her in your life in areas where it is not about your privacy.Stop giving her a girlie tag by asking her not to interfere in your work.

Lesson 9:Your role.

Story of SathyaIts easy to dominate ,its easier to be bossy and exercise your authority as an elder brother.Is it difficult to get down to your sisters level? Can’t you be her friend and understand her.If you can comfort your girlfriend then why not to your sister.They why don’t you do it.Is it just because she is your family member.Don’t take her for granted.Respect her opinions and value her.

Lesson 10: Realize her Worth.
Story of Sathya

Imagine a day without your sister and you would start complaining.May be that 1 or 2 days you would enjoy the so called peace but I bet after that you would miss her chatters,fights, and her company.It is because the relationship between a brother and a sister is special and exceptionally beautiful.
Believe me ,the day your sister gets married the brother is the one who cries the most.So if you love her that much then show it in your mannerism.If we talk of management then it depends on how you handle your sister on the right way. Handle her with care and love.

I hope this post was informative and after reading this you realize the worth and importance of your sister.I would like to thank my best friend for her support and her inputs.I will be back with some interesting topics.

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