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Gully Cricket..

As of now everyone knows that cricket is my passion.People in my country are mad behind cricket,everyone in my country admires the game.In India gully cricket(also called as street cricket) is famous.There cant be a single street in India where you wont find kids playing cricket.When I was 14 we used to play a lot of cricket,as those were the days where we really got time to play.At 19 ,its difficult to manage time and no one expects you to play at a street.

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Earlier we used to live in a society where we played with friends.Those were my school days .We used to play gully cricket at the age of 13 and most of our matches used to against big boys.Those big boys were like the mighty Aussies and we were like minnows before them,and obviously they were the favourites.I am going to narrate you about two incidents where we won the matches just because of me.I guess it was 23rd May ,2000 where I was having my school summer vacations.My friends and me used to play cricket at our school playground which used to be our gully cricket venue.It was a short match of 6 overs and we were put in to bat first .Those days underarm cricket were preffered over overarm as were were kids.We lost our first 2 wickets in quick successions and I was the person who controlled my teams scoring as all scorings were done by me.We made 117 of the stipulated 6 overs where I played my best of 98* of just 24 balls.I bet this is an unbeaten record in gully cricket history …hahaha lol. and finally we went on to win the game.

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It was 17th December 2000 ,we were having our christmas vacations and that was the day when I registered my best bowling figures of 6-14 against the big boys and went on to win the game quite easily.Now its very difficult to find time to play cricket.But we play cricket during our off lectures .But now we call it as box cricket.I believe that with my left arm batting and right arm pace bowling ,I have always been the best among the rest………may be a great gully cricketer.As I am a amateur cricketer ,I dont play that much of cricket.I really wanna play lots of cricket these days……but now we are big boys,arent we?.I just miss those days very badly.Gully cricket simply rockssss!!!!!

Gully cricket rocks!!!!

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