Story of Sathya

151.The Scandal 1

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. πŸ˜›

I am scared of life and everything happening around me.It was not the first time that Ankur had called me for a date.From my past relationship ,I’ve always noticed this sycophantic behavior of his.Why did I go with him? Why did I trust him?Why do I fail to understand his cruel intentions?I don’t want to see him again in my life.I have had enough of everything.

I thought he’d loved me.It was a Saturday night.It was the same day he took me to a pub.Many of my classmates knew that we both were seeing each other.They liked peeking into others life.These girls had this ability to spread news like anything.The entire college came to know about us.We reached the pub at 10 pm.I had never been to a pub before.It was a great delight to see people hanging around.
“Hey Riha,lets dance girl,” he took me to the dance floor.
“Umm!!Wait I can’t dance at this time,” I said.
“Hmm,just try girl,” he insisted. I was a classical dancer and I knew a little bit of Khatak and Kuchipudi.I remained stunned for a while as I saw girls kissing their guys infront of others.This was totally new to me.
Story of Sathya“Look at me and see my dance,” He grabbed my soft hands as he took me to the dance floor.
“Babe,dance,” he screamed.
The DJ was playing some peppy bollywood numbers.Everyone danced to the tunes of“Dard e disco” and “Temperature” song.I felt strange at first.I even urged Ankur to leave the pub.I have always had an aversion towards people who drink.I preferred staying away from them.
“Enough Ank ,lets go ,” I screamed at the top of my voice as the loudspeaker was buzzing with electrofying songs.
“What??,” he shouted.
“Forget it!,” I said and turned towards a girl.
I thought of talking to her till Ankur got back to normalcy
“Hello,do you always come here?,” I casually asked her.
“Yo!I do,you see this is the only place where I get to see my boyfriends,” she winked.
“Boyfriends!,”I perplexed.
“Between I’m Riha,”we both shook our hands.
“Riha darling,what is life without guys?,” she said.
“You are a modern girl,”I smiled.

Story of SathyaAnkur popped in from no where as we both were conversing.I always knew Ankur had special liking for semi dressed girls exposing their bodies.
“Hey Cinder meet Ankur,my boyfriend,”I introduced them to each other.
“Heya Cinder babe,” they both shooked hands.
“Would you mind getting drinks for us?,” I said.
“Awww baby,you are so bad,”she said to me.
“Your guy looks handsome and cute,”she said to me.
“Is it? thank you so much!”I said.

After few minutes Ankur came with two big jugs of beer.
“Damn tumhe koi chotti glass nahi mili kya,”I pinched him
“Ah Huh! nah they have this thing,” he smiled.

“Aww guys you two make a great couple,” Cinder said.
“Thanks sweety,”we said in unison.
“You both carry on guys, its time for me to have some fun with my boyfriend,” she said.
“He must be waiting in the car,” she winked.
“Bye,”I said and she left.
“What does she mean by this?,” I curiously asked Ankur
“Making out,”he replied.
“Making what?,” I asked him.
“Damn you don’t know or you’re acting,”he screamed at me.
“Why would I ask you if I knew it?,”I controlled my anger.
“It means making love,” he said.
“now don’t ask me anything,” he grimaced.
“Damn! you’re so rude I’m leaving,” I said.
“I won’t come with you anywhere,” I said and I left.

It was a graceful sight to see the twinkling stars on the night sky.The birds were sleeping on their nest gracefully and there was not even a single soul in sight for miles.I was walking alone on the street.
“Rihaa!!wait..I’m so sorry,” I heard someone screaming loudly.I knew it was Ankur who was screeching at the top of his voice.
I never looked back and stayed away from him.He soon grabbed me firmly as I was trying to go away from him.
“Leave me!,” I said.
“Am so sorry sweety!,” he softly whispered on my ears.He tickled my hands and again apologised and handed over the red rose to me.
“You always know how to make me smile,” I stared at him
Story of SathyaI gazed at his eyes as he was trying to get closer to me. He caressed my hairs as he touched my nape.
“Ankurrrrr,” I started gasping heavily.Eventually our lips locked at the night hours.
“Umm!,” I whispered.

“Girl you’re always mine,” he said to me.
He took me to his car. It was late and I had promised mom that I would be staying back at Meenals place.
“Where are we going?” I asked him.
“my house,” he smiled
“Aren’t your parents home?,” I curiously asked him.
“Umm! they left for Shimla yesterday,” he said.
“Tai jii’s health has worsened yar, isliye they went to see her,” he added.
“Ohk !” I said with a straight face.
After few minutes we drove to his home.His house was like another bungalow.It had marble tiles all around and beautifully furnished furnitures. The floorings were amazing and the carpets were flamboyant.

“Wow! dude I feel like entering a paradise,” I said.
“Oh hmm,” he directed me towards his moms room and asked me to sleep there.
“What if I get scared? I don’t want to be alone,” I yelled.
“Arey don’t worry.Just give me a call,” he said.
“I’m always there for you sweet,” he kissed me on my cheek.

(To be continued..)

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