Story of Sathya

From my ‘Best’ friend Parziiii …

Friends,This is what my best friend wrote about me.

Here we have all got the opportunity to know what our solitary writer thinks..his words have taken us on a beautiful journey through his mind,imagination,vision…he shared his thoughts,emotions,feelings with the help of words,sometimes in the form of fiction and at times in the form of his own real life first I thought let me write something out of my own imagination as a guest writer for his blog…but then a wise thought came into my mind that even if I get down to write my best I possibly cant do justice to his blog,or his readers who are accustomed to reading amazing works here,or his other friends who are wonderful bloggers I dropped the idea…but at the same time I was really keen to write something down for my friend..who gave someone like me the opportunity to write something for his awsome I thought this is my perfect opportunity to let my best friend know who he is..and how I percieve him as a friend and how much I treasure our friendship…I know all u people reading this may know him way better than I know..but its just something I wanted to please bear with me….

Stephen-the solitary writer[for you] but stibumama, best friend,stibuchachu,mad..[for me]
I know him since 21st september 2007….that was the day he scrapped me for the first time on

orkut…just to comment on some pictures in my album..I replied with a’thank you’..followed by a tiny simple conversation..which did not have a proper end…since stibumama left all of a sudden..honestly I thought I was so boring that he lost interest in talking to me and stopped scrapping..but it was okie…I also left in a while…nd when I logged in the nxt day I was surprised 2 see a friend request…which I accpeted gladly..little did I know that it would lead to a strong bond of friendship in future and this stranger would become my best friend…first few days of chat were characterised by normal chit chats…about what u do?where r u from?likes?dislikes?n all…then one fine day after a few usual chats I met him online on yahoo messenger..thats the day we actually got down to talking about things other than the usual ones ..I made stibumama come up with some secrets..I know its not easy to open up to a stranger…once he had said what he felt like…there was one side of him that felt nice and the other a little uneasy…thats when I told him that ,listen stephen..don’t u worry whatever u said…lies safe with me..u can trust me..just be relaxed thinking that u’ve vented out something infront of ur best friend[I know I’m not..but just imagine]…n it stays that way..I’m not here to pass judgemnents..but to listen and understand..’.. and this is what he typed next…‘rather than imagining can I call u my best freind?’..I was overwhelmed…pleasenty surprised and realy happy…since I got the chance to call one of Lord’s finest people as my best friend…and my response to it was awww…offcourse u can…it will be an honour for me.. and I will be more than glad to have a person like u as my best friend”... now this stamp of best friend sets you free from the responsiblity of being formally sweet and kind when u dont realy want 2 and gives u the authority to say what u feel like..and I exercised this authority in the very next conversation when this freak told me that he plans to delete his account..saying its okie…nobody cares…n all that rubbish…first I was being very patient and soft in helping him undrstand his worth and the importance of his presence here..but when he refused to listen..thats when I really blew him off… and just went…and next wen I came I had a series of offliners saying that he undrstood what I said and that he would not delete his account and come when time permits…and he also sent me a testimonial which I consider as a bonus..and after this we’ve had long conversations…some sweet….some crazy…and others in which we’ve fought like mad…[another confession-if u fight with stibumama..n if he realises he is wrong…he apologises very sweetly for it…and u get a testimonial also..]…now coming down to the main reason because of which we’ve had maximum number of fights…and I’m sure there are many more to come…and thats coz our humble and modest friend…doesn’t realise his own worth…all the time he is busy in self criticism…which I hate…ufff once he begins with that….then its very difficult 2 get him back on track…nothing less than a herculian task…plzzz realise ur worth stibuchachu…you don’t knw. u realy are a blessing for all the people around u…as for me…ther is so much I owe to u…u’ve always been a patient listener,a caring friend…who tries to understand my nonsense..cutely bears my boring lectures…who inspires me..helps me..shed my inhibitions…by saying“darpok dar mat…its okie…its not such a big deal…stop being a frog!”…doesn’t question me much when I behave in a stuck up manner…u give me the comfort of being myself…by accepeting me as a friend the way I am..u still make efforts to scold me for my “thankuzz”and “sorries” even though I show no signs of improvement…u always appreciate…every bit of what I do..and encourage me to do things I can never even think of.. u gave me credit for things I don’t evn do and make me feel remebered always..u always manage to get a smile on my face..I consider myself lucky to have met u..I really look up to and respect u for all that u r…plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue being the same always….coz u r simply the best my best friend.

thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for evrythng stibumama….i truly cherrish ur frendship…u r and shall always be a special part of my life..n I realy hope we stay best friends forever…looking forwrd 2 many more memorable chats,stupid fights,tyms wen I gt to sit and read ur works,tyms wen I can irritate u and pull ur leg,tyms wen I ask u lame questions,tyms when I get 2 scold u…and u call me“hitler”…and offcourse times when I get 2 say “kill you”..and before u and ur readers kill me….I will just wrap it up by saying stibumama…u r an amazing human being and an even better friend…thanks a ton for your friendship it really means a lot..!

God bless u…keep smiling always!

thank u sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh 4 giving me an opportunity 2 pen down wat I wantd to….this write up…must be full of errors….for which I’m really sorry….as I said…I’m nowhere close to be even a percent of u guys…just made an attempt to put into words what I felt.
thank you soooooooooo much!
God bless!
Before I would react,I just have this picture for you….
Story of Sathya
I can always make you smile.We will remain the best of friends and I’m here for you to help you.Hmm,the front one is you and the one behind is me and as I said I CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOU SMILE….. Thanks a lot for your friendship “Cutie” ,it really means a lot to me. …..

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