Story of Sathya

206.Wish I could write 200 things about him -By Anup

Though I met ( fb and blog aquaint) Ste few weeks ago, he invited me to write for his page..
KIND he is..
Though I dunno him much, I m still gonna write stuff ABOUT him.
And obviously m goin to sound very much obvious. I dun care.
Struck with awe his writings are just amazing (like nobody knows.. ????:S)
Everytime you tell him a good news, he ll go ” God bless.. *period* “
Dunno why he keep listening to “hey stephen” by taylor fantasizing its for him n make others listen to it too. πŸ˜›
He loves Taylor Swift (jus cz she sang “hey stephen”) and Avril ( no idea ..why)
He thinks mujhe hindi ni aati , main indian ni hoon, aur desi ni hoon :@ ( see aati hai πŸ™‚
pulled up smile on me all those times i was low and sad.. thnx πŸ™‚ lawwwb ju πŸ™‚
Dont panic in surprise if he in between ur casual conversations he starts asking you atomic no. and atomic mass of oxygen.or Ohm’s law or some other effing science stuff just to check ur knohow.
No wonder if he ring or beep you up at 6am just to disturb ur sleep because he knows u went to bed at 4am.
He gets mad if you dont type fast enough to reply faster.
His sense of humor like mine ..
To him i look a cartoon with my new hair style.. ( Its hawwtt yo ..)
Stephen ‘desi’ ste stole my ‘desi’ which he thought is a part of my middle name.. bahaha..
Lately infected by lady gaga .. πŸ˜›
Okay we understand you gointo be alot busier with schedule, but why quit
bloggin.. i mean..c’mon can write on your day weekends or something.. thats mean of you to go say goodbye like tat.. T_T
Anyways ill be bothering you on facebook and msn all the time.. πŸ˜‰

desi-esh-ness rocks!! πŸ™‚

Story of Sathya
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