Story of Sathya

A lesson of hope…

Story of Sathya

I see the aurora,the first light ,
and I look at the mirror reflecting my melancholic smile.
That shine gives me a gloomy feel.
The chopped reflection of all my dreams
seemed to have been doomed.
I mislaid my future in extreme secrecy,
to observe all my futile dreams,

Life seem to have taken a drastic turn,
where I could see my happiness burn.
I refrained my self from the right,
as I considered it was beyond my might.
I thought myself as a rootless tree.
Sorrows and Struggles attracted me,
and my melancholy grew.

My hatred towards life took twist,
Until that day,for what I won’t miss.
I couldn’t and I can’t was all that I knew,
and realized that people like him are very few.
Living life is not a big deal.
My Life was like a rudderless boat,
till I got a view of that divine soul.

For many ,he was a man without legs,
For few,he was an emeritus army officer.
His life was like a tree with leaves ,before that mishap .
With Autumn,trees shed their leaves,
Likewise his happiness got slaughtered.
An audacious officer walking on his sole,
was put to wheelchair all alone.

He never gave up nor he died,
As for every wound ,there is a heal,
for once,he took life as a challenge,
and now he lives a life against his hopes.
He paints,he writes ,he sings.
Every day he lives a new life,
which is like standing on the tip of a knife.

Looking at him,brings me back my lost hopes,
For I started rediscovering my forbidden goals.
his life taught me a lesson,of hopes and confidence.
For once,I was lost on my path.
it was a path full of griefs and sorrows.
He is an idol , a teacher and a mentor,
who inspired me through his life.

Just to inform that this poem I wrote as a dedication to the person for whom this post is addressed.I got to learn a lot from him.He inspired me from his life .A bird with broken wings can’t fly and he proved it wrong.No matter a person have all his body parts or not,it depends on how your using it .A man with no limbs and doing all his work ,inspiring people is better than a person with all his body parts and doing nothing.Thanks sir!. I dont intend to reveal his name .

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