Story of Sathya

Of Nick and Nicknames……

Story of Sathya
Ok,people are recognised by names,their own names to be precise.To make it more simple, they start creating nick.I have many nick names and I love all my nicks.I am going to enlist all my nick names in this post. Check ’em out.

1.Babloo:My cousin sister gave me this nick when I was 4 years old.It was said that I used to be plumy and chubby when I was young.Hence ,she started calling me Babloo.They all loved calling me by that name.

2.Stibu: Its the nick that my family gave me.I love it coz I see some thing close to me whenever some one calls me by that name.I am very popular by this name in my family.Special and close people call me by this name.Even Kan and Prashant call me by this name.

3.Stibu mama:This name is given by Melu,Jerry and Ketu.Ops!!Ketu is just 7 month old ,she will call me Stibu mama in few months time.Even Parul calls me Stibu mama .She says she loves the name and loves calling me by that name.Huh!!I am a mama to a girl younger to me by just 2 months(god please save me) :p

4.Dexter: School friends call me Dexter.May be coz I used to study more and score good marks.

5.Darling:Georgina mam,my class 7 class teacher would call me darling as she considered me as her own son.I used be happy when she called me darling.
6.Steve:Chandan Prasads invention.Foreigners call Stephen as Steve .May thats why he calls me so.

7.Stevo,Stevie,Steu: Variants of Steve.These names are given by my friend Chandan Prasad.
8.Steph: My yahoo friends gave me this name coz of my email id steph_cmpengg24.Crus,Nixx,Anant and Bio used to call me by this name

9.Stephy:Akshi calls me by this name.Don’t know why but she loves calling me as Stephy :p

10.Ste: I am popular by this name in Writers Lounge.Asbi started this Ste thing.She says that my name is long and wished to cut it short and Ste came out as a result.

11.Prince Ste & Princess Stephanie: I will kill Sandeep for this nick.Don’t know why he thinks that my girlfriends name would be Stephanie.

12.The Solitary Writer,TSW: Thats my blog name. Known as TSW by many people.

13.The Story King: Don’t know why Sweta calls me by this name.Still finding out the reason.

14.Likhetu: My recent nick .This is given by my good friend Chirag who is a member of Writers Lounge.

Ok ,you all have seen my nick names.Now,tell me which one you liked and why or are you gonna give me a new nick :p

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