Story of Sathya

Awards & Appreciations – The Liebster Award

Story of Sathya

Awards and Appreciations. Who doesn’t wants it? Everyone loves to get appreciated and recognized for something that they are good at. The  other night while checking a code, I received a Gmail with a blogger giving me a Liebster award. Blogging awards are not new to the bloggers who blogged in the late 2000’s. Those days people never used to worry about how many backlinks they had, or page views or color of their template or how many facebook likes or Twitter followers they had! They used to write what was on their heart. And when such a content reached their target audience, their heart danced with joy. Such was blogging during those days, they never worried about stats and other technicalities. They used to be content with their writings and other creative things that they did. After the arrival of brand blogging and stuff, the entire essence of blogging changed. Some bloggers were enticed by brands and the associated blogging communities that presented them with vouchers and gifts as a gratitude.  Later many fell prey to it. Brands realized the power of blogging and it’s hidden potentials. One after another, brands unleashed the power of blogging to the max and used it  for their marketing. Trust me , before all these, life was bliss! Many of who started blogging in the 2000’s would relate to what I’m stating here. 

Bloggers would fondly greet and appreciate each other by presenting blog awards. Some of them include – Rockstar , Blogging Superstar, Versatile Blogger, All round blogger, Kreative Blogger and many on. The latest on the list is the Liebster award. I never really know what it means but on extensive research I realized that it is a blogger award given to fellow bloggers who are good at their own niche! Liebster means dearest, sweetest, kindest and much more. Let’s not dig too deep into it.  But here is the statement for it.

What is a Liebster Award?
The Liebster Blog Award is an exciting opportunity to develop relationships with our fellow bloggers from different domains.

This is a peer-nominated award which acts as a chain blog post. This is mainly intended to connect with new bloggers while building your email list.

Who nominated me?
A blogger who goes by the name DeeDee in the blogworld nominated me. I am not an award freak or someone who would like to receive awards. Those days we used to do it for fun. Thank you Deepika for honoring me with the Liebster. You are too kind. Thanks!
I hereby accept this award presented to me by her.

Here is the Q&A that DeeDee had given to me.

1. What is the best thing that has happened to you? A1 – Being born in a family that loves me unconditionally and serves as a support structure during my time of crisis and distress is the best thing that happened to me.

2. What is that one thing or incident in life that you regret? A2 – Never listened to my heart when subjected to pressure. I applied logic and ignored what my heart craved to hear me. Sadly, I had betrayed my own heart. I would regret that decision for a lifetime. But things did work well and in some or the other way, that logical decision worked well for me.

3. If there is one person in this world you would get to say Sorry, who would it be and why? A3 – Harneet. I don’t understand how things unfolded drastically and I soon landed up on her block list for some weird petty reasons that I could not figure out. I still miss her and I would not mention the reason because it’s personal.
4. What is your most searched word or phrase on Google – A4 – The Solitary Writer πŸ˜‰
5. Who is the last “Received call” on your mobile phone (Eg: carpenter, dad, a friend) A5 – Neeta, my best buddy !
6. What is the wallpaper on your mobile phone (Eg. Nature, my family, my pet) A6 – Some random Lenovo inbuild wallpaper. I don’t really care about all that.
7. If ever, you get an all paid trip anywhere in this world, where would you go? A7 – I would visit Srilanka and Switzerland. My ancient roots may belong to India but our immediate  family had migrated to Srilanka many years back  while we decided to stay back in India. The one’s who went there migrated to other developed countries due to the Civil War in Srilanka. Most of them have settled in the Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Canada and the US and visit India to meet all of us.
8. What is the worst pick-up line used on you A8 – I seldom remember such things. 
9. What is Happiness for you A9 – Happiness is something that gives me self-satisfaction be it whatever. Creative things make me happy.
10. One advice you would give your teen self A10  – I have crossed that stage 9 years back! No longer a teen πŸ˜‰ And it wasn’t a happening phase because I chased excellence and education chased me.. It was a kind of a relay race where I forgot what life was all about. I should have paused for a moment and looked back at the good things that life offered me. 
11. If there was a life after death, what would you want to be reborn as?
Would love to be reborn as a human in the same family that I live now. I would love to be the same lovely son to my doting parents and a caring brother to my younger sibling.
Now that you have read this. It’s time to announce the rules.
The Liebster Blog Award rules are mentioned below:
  1. Write a blog post about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blog post.
  4. Nominate 5-11 other starting bloggers who you think deserve this award and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
  5. List these rules in your blog post.
  6. My nominations for the Liebster Award   
I nominate the following bloggers for going strong in the ongoing April A to Z Challenge. These guys are a source of inspiration and their dedication towards blogging makes me speechless. You are awesome.
  1. Reema – For those awesome letters be it to Dad, God, Engineering, Books… every letter has a reason and each reason is something that will make you smile
  2. Era – For parenting blogs related to various topics. A must read for parents
  3. Kala – For home decor and interior designing related blogs for a better home
  4. Chandni – For churning out excellent blog posts with each letter. Awesome Writer.
  5. Dixita – For coming up with little short stories that inspires her. Mostly her Grandparents and friends. Her hostel days has taught her valuable lessons in life.
  6. Abhinav – A new blogger on the roll. Such a great talent!
  7. Simardeep – A Chartered Accountant by profession. His financial blogs in the month of April are proving useful to many of us
  8. Roma Gupta – She posts  everything from Dowry or Physical Abuses, every minute attrocities related to women in India. Good Job Roma
  9. Ramya P Rao – Another young talented blogger who has been predominantly writing about different cities and things that amuse her. 
  10. Modern Gypsy – For such an amazing blog posts for #AtoZChallenge
  11. Kaddy – For writing wonderful memoirs for the #AtoZChallenge
  12. Seeya – For sharing life lessons through short blogs. Too Good , Maa’m. Keep up the good work.
  13. Archana – For sharing about different plants and spices that are unknown to many. Keep up the good work maa’m 
  14. Karan – He has been writing about human behavior and emotions and each blog post of his teaches some valuable life lessons
  15. Rohan – His bold take on the April A to Z letters through sensual poetries. Indeed Hot!
  16. Mithila – A dynamite who posts new words through the whole month of April. You are our champ, Mithila. Keep up the good work.
  17. Aseem – Award winning blogger who offers delightful blog posts to his readers be in form of 55 fiction or 6 word stories. 
  18. Shalini – She writes about powerful topics, be it H for Hardwork , C for Choice. She is too good at it. 
  19. ShalzzZ – I’m a great fan of her cullinary skills. Amazed at how she has so much time for posting A to Z about Chicken dishes.
  20. Roshan Doc – A talented doctor who has vowed to present  TV shows to his readers throughout the month of April
  21. Parul – Name is enough. Last year’s champion blogger and one who writes powerful blog posts.
  22. Shilpa – Shilpa has decided to write about Human emotions through out this month in form of 55 fiction
  23. Roma Novemberschild– Another awesome blogger whose blog I’m reading since last few days
  24. Manisha – I told her that I detest August just like she loves it. She posts  on really good topics on her blog
  25. Inderpreet – A Blogger whose blog I have  discovered in the month of April.
  26. Aathira – For writing stories on different women each day
  27. Aadhira – One of my best blogger friend whose work and dedication I admire the most. FYI, she blogs every day
  28. Chicky Kadambari – Another blogger whose blog I discovered last year. I love her writing
  29. Twinkling Tina – For her two awesome blogs – cook and memoirs
  30. Rajlakshmi – Brilliant blogger with brilliant writing skills
Dear All, you all should know that you are blessed with some good talents. So keep up the good work and keep blogging. I couldn’t select three best because how can you select just three when you have 28 bests in your list?! Cool!
Questions for you all.
1. Who introduced you to blogging? Was there any trigger? Tell your blogging journey?
2. What is your opinion about the #AtoZChallenge? When did you first take part? Where did you hear about it?
3. Share the best blog post that you have written till date.
4.One day when you wake up and realize that your blog is deleted and can’t be recovered. What would you do?
5.  How has blogging impacted your life? 
6. Do you have any blogging inspiration? Name any one of them who inspired you to blog.
7.  Is your blog special to you? If yes then how?
8. Do various blogging communities help in bringing blogs and bloggers closer? What is your take on it? Which is your favorite blogging community?
9. One thing that you want to change in your life?
10. Do you listen to your heart or mind?
11. What is your message for your fellow bloggers? 
You all are free to accept or reject the Liebster award. Do remember that I have been closely watching all your blogs since past few days and you all are good and awesome. I love your blogs!

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