Story of Sathya

Quintet of Radiance Award!

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Story of Sathya

No one actually knows who started the concept of awarding fellow bloggers in blog-sphere. It used to rain awards for my blog  during those days. I used to love it during the early years of blogging especially the glorious 2007’s and 08’s when I was new to blogging and fellow bloggers show their affection for your blogs by bestowing you with certain kind of awards. Some bloggers prefer to flaunt the logo’s on their blog while some chose to remain silent. Those days used to be fun. Today after ages a wise blogger has decided to shower the Quintet of Radiance award upon the Solitary Writer. Thanks to my dearest Juhi of ShitZooo.  I take this opportunity to  thank Juhi and of course I will accept this award. But before that I would like to say few words about Juhi. Juhi is a talented young blogger who often reminds me of  the young Solitary Writer. She writes good blog posts. I should admit that I have not  been a regular reader of her blogs but whenever I get a chance I do visit her blog as a silent reader. Do not kill me for this, Juhi!  And you know how much I hate commenting  πŸ˜‰  I want to tell you today that – you are a fabulous blogger and you have a long way to go if you have this passion for writing intact.! Guys – Watch out for this talented girl in blog-world.

Things to be done after Accepting the Quintet of Radiance Award
1. Display the logo on your blog post
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
3. Using the alphabets, describe yourself
4. Nominate  at least a few bloggers

I think I have already completed points 1 and 2, so moving ahead to the description bit.

A – Affectionate
B – Bhola
C – Caring
D – Darling
E – Efficient
F – Funny
G – Great
H – Heart Stealer
 I – Inventive
 J – Jammy
K – Katchy
L – Lovable
M – Mine
N – Nix’s Best friend!
O – Outstanding
P – Perfect
Q – Qte
R – Respect Filled
S – Simple
T – Talkative
U – Understanding
V – Vicious – not
W – Wild
X – Xtra good
Y  – Youthful
z – Zimbly the best!

Okay, now that’s not written by me. It was written by one of my friend called Nikita to describe me as a part of an Orkut Testimonial. I was recently saving my Orkut Testimonials and came across this. 
Now, its my turn to describe me  using the alphabets

A – Ambitious
B – Brilliant
C – Creative
D – Daring
E – Entertaining
F – Funny
G – Genius πŸ˜€
H – Headstrong
I – InGenious(Ty) ( my twitter name πŸ˜€ Now Follow me on Twitter πŸ˜€ Ok?)
J – Jack of all trades
K – King of good times πŸ˜‰ ( Not a great fan of Kingfisher )
L – Loquacious
M – Mad
N – Nerdy ( Some times)
O – Oracle Certified Engineer πŸ˜€
P – Painter
Q – Quiet at times
R – Rational
S – Sarcasm King
T – Taciturn
U – Understanding
V – Violent
W – Witty
X – Xenophillic. I love outsiders πŸ˜› If you know what I mean
Y – Yawns when bored
Z – Zesty

Now its nomination time. I nominate the following fabulous bloggers.
Vaisakhi  Mishra

Ankit Jain
Aayesha Hakim
Tina Basu
Renu Sethi
Ekta Khetan 
Sarah Malik
Jyotsna Bhatia

PS – I generally do not do award posts these days. I am glad that I wrote this post which actually made me nostalgic.

Also , bloggers do note that you would feel that I may not have commented on your blog or even visited your blog, but you should know that I have been reading your work as a silent reader as I generally do not have time to comment and express my thoughts. So its once in a blue moon that I write comments and let the bloggers know my views about their article. Hope it makes sense πŸ˜‰ 

Quintet of Radiance is an award given to recognize good blogs and their fabulous bloggers.

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