Story of Sathya

Even she is a Woman

This is my entry to the “rain drenched lounge contest ” at writers lounge

Story of Sathya

Her life was full of struggle and despair. Was being poor the only curse for her?Working as a maid in a rich mans house ,was all she expected since she was abandoned by her in-laws .Since then ,her life was full of nightmare.She was a widow and left with a 3 year old son. Her husband was swept away by the torrents on a rainy day.There was no one to support her nor provide solace to her.After that she started working as a maid in Seth Rama Saheb’s house for a low wage of 850 Rs.

Several thoughts were running through her mind as she was preparing Chappati’s for her master.The meteorological department had predicted heavy rainfalls for the next 72 hours.She had left her son alone in her house.She lived in a slum area in Dharavi, low lying area and which was easily prone to floods .She was in tears when she was preparing salads.The old thoughts that was washed away by rains again came into picture.Life without a companion is like a rudderless boat.What could a single mother do without her husbands support.She wept and her face turned red.She was cursing her fate for living a life like this.She had done her basic education ,but to vain was refrained from working.Like other children she wanted her son to succeed in life.Butunder such circumstances and with a salary of 850 Rs,what would she do?.Her pale skin and gracious eyes got moist due to the tears.She looked around to see if it was raining. There was a heavy downpour. Even the clouds would not stop crying after seeing her frown.Little Munna must be sleeping at home.A little pelt of rain might cause the house ceiling to crack,eventually leading to leakage.It was 9:30 pm.She asked her Memshab if she could go.She hurried as soon as she got a nod from her boss. It was raining like cats and dogs outside the bungalow.She expected the rains to halt.She waited near a banyan tree for 15 minutes,but rain didn’t stopped pouring.She sighted a young kid of Munna’s age who was playing with his parents.She glared at that child and pondered if even her son was lucky enough to be like him.It was dark.She was walking on the footpath with a plastic bag covering her body.”Oh! Munna”,she soon rushed for her home as her son was alone.

Word count = 399

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