Story of Sathya

Did you Google it?? – Tagged by Valencia

Story of Sathya
Ok.. this time I have been tagged by Valencia.Thank you so much for tagging me.This is an interesting tag.Let me do it .I really got some interesting answers and I have copied it here.

So I type the following in Google ..
Stephen needs ….
And here are the interesting 6 answers …

1.”Stephen needs me in the closet, praying and entering into the presence of God so that I can then take it and give it to him. .”
hmm yeah is that so …

2.”Stephen needs to dump kristen because she really doesn’t like him and has a real big crush on Sam. Stephen needs the assistance of a good civilian lawyer.”
What is this Kristen???

3.”Stephen needs to win an award that he can’t take on a plane! XD .. …”
omg when, when ??

4.”Stephen needs a working plan that will be straightforward and easy to implement. His plan needs to be shared with all of the individuals with whom he will work at home and at school.”
Did my school teacher say this?

5.”Stephen needs to improve his punctuation and use of tenses, and continue to widen the range of sentence structures that he uses. “
Yeah ,I liked your suggestion though :p

6.”Stephen needs a bit more practice with his acting, but he’s improving.. i remember him in shine on you… he’s gotten a lot better.. …”
great that I am improving :p

Now, I tag Shruti, Gauri ,Ani , Anurag ,Charu and all others who wish to do this tag..

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