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Fabulous 1.5 hours @ the Reliance Digital Store

This post is written for Reliance Digital and Indiblogger.

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6th July, 2013 was the day when I met few of my best blogger friends whom I am in touch with since last few years. We had met at ‘TGIF! at the Infinity Mall, Andheri West. It was a fun filled discussion where we discussed about lots of things related to blogs and lives. We then headed towards the Andheri Station. I work at Pune and hence I had to travel all the way from Pune for a rendezvous with my blog buddies – Renu, Sriram and Sud. I had particularly booked the 6th-7th July Slot for the Reliance Digital Experience Visit considering my Release activities at Office. So it all happened that fine Saturday when I travelled all the way from Pune to Andheri en route SantaCruz << where I live>>

After our meet, Sriram and Sud accompanied me for the Reliance Digital Store visit. It was a memorable experience I would say! We had fun and lots of new gadgets to explore at the Times Square building. We reached the East Side of Andheri with the help of a bus and later reached the Times Square Building via an Auto rickshaw. The building architecture gave me a different feeling as it was for the first time I was visiting this side of the city. As soon as I entered the Reliance Digital Store, it was a completely new environment. The atmosphere outside and inside was quite different. Sriram, Sud and I were greeted by smiling faces. The executive at the gate smiled and welcomed us inside the store. It was at 6 PM IST that we stepped into the store. I loved the hospitality and the way we were treated. I knew we had to flash the Indiblogger invitation copy to the store executive when we reach the store. Alas! I had misplaced the print out somewhere and had my IRCTC Tickets print out with me instead of the Indiblogger Invite. I was quite sure that we 3 would be kicked outside the store for not having carried the ‘invite’ with us. Sud came up with an idea and I quickly logged into Gmail from his mobile phone. I didn’t carried my Samsung Smart phone with me as it had a memorable time getting drenched at the Malshej Ghats waterfall with its master Ste! The battery of my phone was completely drained off and hence I sought Sud’s assistance in getting the e-invite << Yes! The unprinted version of the invite 😉 >>

“Ste! We are in need of a green planet and we should try to go the E-way,”

Sud said to me and probably Sriram seconded his thoughts. The female execute at the reception directed us to another executive (probably the store manager) Suresh. We showed him the e-invitation (yes, name invented by us) which I had got through email from the Indiblogger folks.

“Sir! You need to provide us the hard copy of this mail,” Executive Suresh said.

“I know but in haste I forgot to carry the copy and I am coming all the way from Pune!”

I said with a sad face.

Sriram’s sharp eyes soon spotted a HP printer next to him.

“If you don’t mind can you give a print of this mail,” Sriram said. 

Executive Suresh thought for a while and finally agreed to get a print copy of my invitation. Sud mailed him the invite and the executive asked me to write my name and mobile number on the hard copy of the invitation. He instructed us to visit the store and take an experience. It was a very friendly environment. We first started with the first floor where there were variety of electronic gadgets and home appliances ranging from Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and electronic razors, Dry and Steamed Irons, Hair dryers etc. We quickly visited each section one by one starting with the refrigerators. Sriram inspected them one by one while Sud visited the Iron and the Razors section. His eyes scanned through the razors. Sriram and Sud discussed about the brands – its pros and cons while I fidgeted with the SLR’s and the DSLR’s.

“Sri and Sud! Guys check this out,” I said to my friends as my eyes focussed on the Nikon D90.

“Such a beauty man,”I added further.

“Indeed!” Sriram and Sud said in unison. Sriram checked the Canon camera while Sud was fascinated with the looks of the Sony Cybershot cam. They checked the cam for the different specifications and talked about the lenses and technicalities. 

We then walked down to the ground floor.

“Can we click photograph’s here?” I asked the Store manager.

“No Sir! Photography here is strictly prohibited,” he replied back. 

As we walked down the stairs, an ensemble of store executives at the first floor smiled at us.

Ground floor hosted a series of mobile phone brands, Televisions and Game Consoles, microwave ovens and what not! There were at least one sales executive assigned to a particular section to assist and guide you. We first visited the mobile phone section where we witnessed the smart phones from the Nokia’s, Samsung’s, Sony’s, Intex’s, Micromax’s etc. It was sheer delight to the eyes to get a glance of all popular gadgets at a single venue. We checked the mobile phones one by one. Sriram started with Nokia Lumia as I tried to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sud was busy searching for the IPhone 5 to demonstrate us the thumb slide feature of the Apple’s latest offering in the mobile world. The sales representative explained us about the different technical stuffs of the phone. We then treaded to the Television category where we saw a wide gamut of TV’s ranging from different brands and costs. There were 3D LED TV’s and we tried the 3D glasses to get experience of how the Television works. It was indeed sheer bliss!

“Such a delight to the eyes, Sri!” Sud said to us after he saw the Sony Television which looked like a beautiful painting on a canvas. 

“Chic and sheer elegance personified!” Sriram replied. 

Our eyes were fascinated and it took us time to move on to the next section. While going on to the Games Section where we saw several PS3 and PS2 game CD’s of different Sports, Adventure and Racing games. 4 Televisions were installed with the Sony PS2 &3 and XBOX on a pillar so that the customers can get a hands-on experience and a look-feel of the product. Sud played the racing game on PS2 while I played tennis on PS3 connected on one of the Television with the help of a motion controller. It was easier for me to operate as I have PS3 at home. So I moved on to play Wrestlemania. It was fun. I had won the bout and then moved on to get a hands-on the XBOX. Sud got bored with racing and so he  decided to try the Wrestlemania game. The Reliance Digital Store Executive stood nearby and guided us to get a hands-on on the product. It was really difficult to adjust the Kinaesthetic settings on XBOX. I had to try several minutes to get myself clear. The Sales rep asked me to wave my hands wider so that the Sensor can identify my body positions. By then it was already 7.25 PM IST. Reliance Digital store had a variety of options ranging from different segments which hosted different products from different brands. It had home theatre segments, smart TV’s, Home Appliances, Mobile Zones and PlayStation zones where users could buy cost effective products. As time passed, we saw many customers entering the store to purchase their products. There were different offers and options you could try to buys products. Reliance Digital Gift cards was a brilliant option along with other options like
Cash-backs and EMI’s. It was indeed a good experience at the Reliance Digital Store at the Times Square building at Andheri East. As we left the store, the store rep at the entrance smiled at us and said, “Do visit again!”

“Of course there is a reason to visit this store…a best experience all together!” I said and both my friends nodded in agreement. 

Sri left for Mulund. Sud and I were famished, so we decided to acknowledge our hunger by visiting the nearest MacDonald outlet outside the T-square building.
In short, a wonderful experience. Thanks to Indiblogger and Reliance for this fabulous 1.5 hours at the Reliance Digital store.

reliance digital - times square building
Image taken from Google Images!

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