Story of Sathya

15 Powerful Thoughts that can change your life forever

15 Powerful thoughts for a better living

Sometimes you learn from your life. And life teaches a very valuable lesson for everyone. These 15 thoughts have the capability to change your life forever. They are profound and meaningful.

1. Live in the present

Story of Sathya

Life is short. Don’t hold your past with your you as you walk in the present. Hurtful memories don’t deserve to stay in your life. Reflect on your happy past but don’t get carried away. Some memories haunt us and trust me I have faced this in the past few years. This is the greatest lesson that I have learned because life doesn’t remain the same every time. If you throw a boomerang, it may not always return back to you. So, don’t get stuck in the past. Think about the future but don’t get over ambitious

2. Set achievable goals

Everyone should have goals and always keep a habit to set achievable goals. There is no harm to dreaming but some dreams hurt when it doesn’t materialize. You have to work your ass off to make your dreams come true. So, set achievable goals and stay happy in your life

3. Expectations always hurt

I got the true taste of this statement when I was 19. I was a bright individual with lots of dreams. I had applied for a job at Accenture and I hoped that I would get the offer. But I got out in the final round of the interview and I was angry at myself. Always be aware that everything you expect doesn’t really happen. You may get hurt sometimes. So don’t expect, just give your best and wait for the best outcome.

4. Money can’t buy happiness

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There can be a huge debate on this topic. Money can only buy convenience. Also, this may vary from people to people on their lifestyle and in this materialistic world, I have arrived at the conclusion that Money really can’t buy happiness. These cars, houses, etc don’t stay without forever. You entered this world alone and you will leave this world alone. Never get attached to materialistic things in this world. Do you agree that money can’t buy happiness?

5. A tongue can cut the throat

Think twice before you speak. The tongue has the power to cut relationships. Your words can hurt people and sometimes it is not reversible. And by the time you realize it, there is no scope for an apology and the damage has already been done. Many relationships in this generation are broken because of words. We should think twice before we talk in order to save our relations.

6. The right person will always stay with you

No matter how many people come and go from your life. Do remember that the one meant for you will always be with you no matter what. This ‘Mr. Right’ or ‘Miss. Right’ is your partner. No one can change this! You may disagree with me on this but this is true to some extent.

7. Crying is not weakness

Crying is not a sign of weakness. Many people think that vulnerable people cry to express their grief. That is not right. You can’t hold your emotions and tears. There should be an outlet. Crying will pacify you. It’s okay to cry but ensure that you wake up strong and tackle all the dangerous waves.

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8. Numbers don’t really prove anything

At the end of the day, numbers don’t matter. Its people who matter. But sadly, everything today is based on numbers. You will get respected if you have a huge salary. You’ll be famous if you have a huge number of followers. These days, a picture has is worth only if it has a large number of likes. People are running behind numbers. This is not a good thing. Be kind to people. That’s what matters at the end of the day. There are a lot of influencers who think numbers matter and buy fake followers to attract brands. A Review portal named R4Review does this for their Instagram page.

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9. Failure is Okay, but don’t lose hope.

It is okay to fail. Fail 100 times but don’t give up. Stay positive and bounce back in your life. This life is short and ensures you make it awesome.

10. Don’t trust people blindly

Trust is a very strong word. Not everyone deserves your trust, it is a very delicate thing and a relationship binder. So, trust only those who matter the most to you.

11. Never love your organization

You are just another resource for your company like the printer or the computer. If they are going through a bad phase, then you can be shown the door. So, don’t fall in love with your organization

12. Prioritization is a must

Always set a priority on things around you. You should know what matters and what doesn’t. If you don’t prioritize then you might do things that don’t even matter.

13. Health is wealth

Take good care of your health. Your body is a temple and ensure you stay fit.

14. Always value and Obey Time

Worship time. It can change your life forever. Never take it lightly. It has the power to destroy everything or turn your life from rags to riches. So Obey time!

15. Self Love is the best form of love

Love yourself and that’s the best you can do for yourself. People will come and hurt you but you are the only one who has to fend for yourself. It’s you who drives your life! So stay healthy and love yourself!

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