Story of Sathya

Power of 8….Tag

Story of Sathya

I was tagged by Sachhi for a this tag but this is one of my oldest tag which I unfortunately deleted it few days ago! very sorry sachh (truth) :p.

Anyways continuing with the tag…

8 things I am passionate about…

* Travelling
* Cell Phone
* Studies
* Blogging
* Cricket
* Being an Indian
* Writing
* Reading

8 things I want to do before I die…

* Tell Mom that I love her the most
* Meet all my old friends .
* Write a book which consists of all my poems and stories
* Visit my cousins in Swiss and Ireland
* Thank people who helped me to live a successful life frnds ,parents ,teachers etc…
* Do something for my country
* Play a one day international cricket for India Vs Pakistan under Dhoni[:p]
* And lastly, “Die happily without any worries!”

8 things I say often…

* arey yaar
* sahi !!
* abhi natak mat kar
* amma!!!
* Oye!!! sunnn
* am really getting irritated
* Achha aur kya hua
* so wht else …

8 books I last read…

* Five point someone
* The other side of me
* Indian Captives by lionel lenski
* One night at a call centre
* Ivanhoe by sir walter scott
* A basket of flowers
* The monk who sold ferari
* Tell me your dreams

8 songs I could listen to over and over again…

* Every morning when
* I want to stand on your knees
* Tere Bin
* Every breath you take
* Temperature
* Mitva
* Zara Zara
* Ajab si

8 movies I could watch and over again…

*I am Legend
*Tarein Zameen Par..
*Jab We Met

8 cities I want to visit or keep visiting again…


8 people I think should do this tag…

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