rainy day

Showers of Pain..On a Rainy Day

I sit and whine how I wouldn’t say I like the rain.
Thinking of ways to get rid of this pain.
I was wondering when the heavens would stop pouring.
Haven’t I had enough of this lashing and splashing?
And I think of those days.
Oh!! Those silly days.
When I loved the rains.
Thinking of rain,
I reminisce about my memories.
When she and I used to travel on a train.
But now, thinking of her causes me pain.
Having met on a rainy day,
we had an extended stay.
In the only place where there were just two.
Staring deep into my eyes for a while,
Will, you forever be mine?? she asked.
For you’re my love, and you’re my soul.
So I will be there for you, and it won’t be foul.
That pretty face with a silent smile.
Revealing what was running through her mind.
Her gorgeous looks and her blue eye,
Flattened me that very night.
Her innocent smile said it all.
feeling her love and her heavenly smile
I enjoyed the shower along the shore
That rain pours along the coast,
and those heavy rains broke me.
They seized my love away from me.
Everything went in vain.
The rains drowned me in pain.
Now I’m not too fond of these pours,
the rain which gave ecstasy and joy.
It kills me now, and I can cry.
Why did it rain that Day?
Bring me, my love, back,
for my love was true and pure.
For she once asked me,
will you be mine forever?
Now, what will she say when I ask her the same?
Rains will come and go.
Her memories won’t fade.
Thinking of her….who changed my life…

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