Story of Sathya

I……………….tagged by Sachhi. :)

Story of Sathya

Hey This tag was due and now i have completed it … finally ,sachhi I have completed the tag.Well I am too sorry for this delay and I am lazy in completing tags.This time Sachhi tagged me .

I am : Stephen Anthony aka Stephu,Stibu,Steve and Anish to some people.

I think: Am too honest and should start lying :p and also I am very helpful,but that doesnt means that I will stop helping people.

I know: I have loads and lots of people who love me and moreover my family members are the greatest asset to me and I am very happy for that.

I want :a life which is full of happiness and life without tensions and may be a life in Switzerland where I would live peacefully.

I have : friends who love me and family that supports me and stand behind me every time and many friends who help me and encourage me in all my works.

I Wish : to meet my good old friends who studied with me in my school days and my class teacher who taught me in class 1,as she was the one who considered me a dumb child :p.

I hate : people who talk irrelevant things when you don’t expect and people who blah blah all time and advices and my behavior…am too proudy and selfish :p (would u believe this). πŸ˜€

I miss : a friend who taught me what is life πŸ™‚ … and my grandfather who took care of me till I was 6 but after that he passed away …i really miss him lot and my junior college days.I miss nitin,prashant,feroz,milap,imran ,anojand my gr8 buddies a lot.

I fear : God ,Conscience and my Mom.

I feel : it depends on ur mind..right now I am very happy ,but it may not be same always.

I hear : good things what people say about me….:p …but i dont hear bad things about me

I crave : for happiness.

I search : for true friends and happiness on my path.

I wonder: if I were Ambani’s son or may be some person in Tata’s or Birla’s family.

I regret: the way i hurt people…sounds bad ahhh.

I love: my mom ,dad ,sister,cousins and all my friends and my miss right whoever it be.

I am not: a buchha …grown up 20 yr old guy.

I dance : in my dreams and that too with Dia Mirza :p .

I Sing : only when I get a bhakra to listen my song :p .

I cry: oho do i cry …coz big boys dont cry.

I don’t always :mingle with people,hmm me a reticent type kid. :p

I fight: a lot with my friends and my little siste

I write : when I feel i am doing nothing.

I win : ohk now start counting…cant count…but I lose equally :p .

I lose : oh now reset the counter and start counting again :d…..

I never : talk anything against my friends or someone who has immense trust in me.

I always: dream about me with Sania Mirza woaaaa….i wud have love it…

I confuse : people around me…oh I wud have liked to.

I listen: to wht I feel and my mind wants like.

I Can usually be found :thinking , watching tv and playin games in my mobile phone :d

I need : a visa to meet my cousins in Switzerland and Ireland…never seen them in recent years.

I am happy about : the way I live my life and I am satisfied with wht i have done till now and happy that i have kept my parents trust alive…wont betray them ever πŸ™‚ ..will be a true son forever.

I imagine: me occupying some important position in Accenture,Infosys,MS or any other biggies…

Ok so ,now its my turn to pass this tag and I would like to pass this tag to Shruti ,Arjun, Charu,Asbah ans Chriss.
So,Sachh finally I completed this tag :p .

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