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Know Why the Yogi Babu Starrer Cocktail will tickle your funny bone

Cocktail is a 2020 Tamil dark comedy movie released on ZEE5 with an ensemble cast of big names usually featuring in Tamil Cinemas such as Yogi Babu, Sayaji Shinde, Yuthan Balaji, Mime Gopi, Mithun Maheshwaran and many more family faces usually found in the Comedy shows in TV Serials.  It is a movie that revolves around friendship and emphasizes more on the evergreen concept of friendship forever that very few movies portray these days. You can call it a friendship gem, found amid the pool of romance, action, and mystery movies.

The film is shot in a closed area, that is what makes it a challenging movie to shoot according to the critics, and they are highly impressed by the efforts of the technicians.  The story has two some good multiple twists and turns in the plot especially when the main protagonist Don played by current era legendary Tamil comedian Yogi Babu, plans for a bachelor party. Tragedy unfolds when they get drunk too much and find themselves sleeping next to the dead body of a woman.

This comical play revolving around the four friends reminded me of the legendary Hollywood movie ‘The Hangover’ that was a laughter riot and something that surely tickled the funny bones of people across the world. This movie has been compared to it for its theme.  The bachelor party has gone for a toss especially when you do not expect something.  This movie is now available on ZEE5. You may watch it any time by subscribing to the ZEE5 platform.

Coming back to the storyline, there is another twist in the tale when a petty thief pawn of an ancient idol of ‘Lord Murugan’. It creates havoc when the four friends witness the statue of the ‘Lord Murugan’. It is funny, thanks to the comic performances by Yogi Babu and his other co-stars, playing an ancillary role in his comical performances.  In one of these scenes, we can also get to know the importance of the precious ‘Lord Murugan‘ statue and we get to witness the mystery surrounding that statue.

For my readers, Lord Murugan is the Hindu God of Wars also known as Karthikeya. The post-bachelor scenes are very hilarious and one should watch this movie to get the gist of what I am trying to say here.  Let us talk about Yogi Babu’s comical performance. Aforementioned, Tamilians from the current generation would know a lot about him, as he is a popular name in the Tamil Cinema.  He crafts his role in such a perfect manner that made me laugh at not just one but several places.  I love movies that talk high about friendship and comedy movies involving friendship has a special place in my heart.

You should watch this movie on ZEE5 and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Go watch it!

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